9 Things Guys Can Do To Melt Even The Most Cynical Woman’s Heart

9 Things Guys Can Do To Melt Even The Most Cynical Woman’s Heart ©iStock/PeopleImages

For every crappy guy out there, there’s a cynical woman who’s been burned by one. Nothing’s more terrifying for a woman with trust issues than meeting a new guy and hoping he’s a good one for a change. If you’re a guy trying to win a woman like this over, there are a few things you can do to melt her completely (or at least enough to begin to let you in).

  1. Send a cute morning text message. There’s nothing sweeter than waking up to a “Good morning, beautiful!” text message from the guy you’re into. It’s such a simple gesture, and it’ll go such a long way. After all, have you ever met a girl that didn’t like to be called beautiful and be reminded that you think of her when you wake up? Didn’t think so.
  2. Ask her how her day was. Taking an interest in her and asking even simple questions will mean a lot to her. Cynical girls are used to dealing with guys who don’t put even the minimal amount of effort into them, so when you sincerely care to ask how her day went or how she’s doing and you truly seem to care, you’re chipping away at the defensive armor she’s wearing.
  3. Really listen, even though it might bore you. We get it, listening to long stories about which girlfriend pissed her off that day and what she bought at the mall might not exactly be your thing, but if you take the time to listen regardless, it definitely won’t go unnoticed.
  4. Be consistent. With the way the majority of guys seem to vanish into thin air at any given time, there’s nothing sexier than a guy who’s consistent. If you actually mean what you say, stick to the plans you’ve made and call when you said you would — you’ll earn tons of bonus points with her.
  5. Don’t underestimate forehead kisses. This is a small gesture that every girl who’s ever watched a romantic movie has fantasized about. Again, a super simple thing, but something that will make her completely melt inside.
  6. Tell her she’s beautiful. You clearly think she’s gorgeous if you’re with her (or trying to be with her), so why not tell her every now and then? It’s not that she needs to be showered in compliments, but there isn’t a girl out there who would complain about being reminded that you think she’s a total babe. Besides, if she was with someone before you who never called her beautiful, you’ll look extra good in comparison.
  7. Open doors once in a while. Chivalry doesn’t have to die, and keeping it alive is a win win situation. Not only will it make her day, but you’ll reap the benefits of her happiness. Common courtesy goes further than you’d expect.
  8. Get creative and plan a date. Not only does this show her your fun and creative side, it also shows that you like her enough to make an effort. The guys in her past probably thought planning a date meant inviting her over for a Netflix and chill session, so taking her out will mean a lot to her. It doesn’t mean you have to do something extravagant, just putting some thought into it will make all the difference.
  9. Be nice to her friends. Her friends have been there for her through thick and thin, so it’s super important that you get along with them. Make the effort to be extra nice to her bestie, and participate in group events with her and her friends. Not only will she love it, but her friends will be nudging her towards you, as well.