9 Things That Will Kill A Guy’s Interest, No Matter How Hot You Are

9 Things That Will Kill A Guy’s Interest, No Matter How Hot You Are ©iStock/g-stockstudio

It often feels like guys only go for supermodels with amazing bodies and ridiculously beautiful faces. We tend to assume only super hot chicks have all the luck with guys, no matter what their personalities are actually like. Although these girls may get the first looks and initial interest, there are things women sometimes do that will kill his interest no matter what she looks like. If you avoid doing these 9 things, you’ll have a way better chance at keeping him hooked than her!

  1. Being a huge bitch. There’s a difference between being a strong, independent, no-sh*t kind of woman and being a straight up bitch. If you’re excessively mean, nasty, insulting, rude or any combination of those, it won’t matter if you’re Halle Berry herself — eventually he’s probably going to give up on you.
  2. Desperation. Being desperate isn’t cute and it makes you appear insecure. Texting him 85 times because he didn’t answer you the first time is a great way to chase him away. Relax and let things develop. Everything doesn’t have to be a race and you want him to know you’re interested enough to see where it goes.
  3. Being needy. No matter what anyone tells you, you do not need any guy. Take a second right now and identify the difference between want and need. Want is a very sexy thing, and letting him know you want him will definitely peak his interest. Needing him can be nice in moderation — you know, to lift something heavy or fix your car — but acting overly needy will likely drive him away.
  4. Playing too hard to get. A lot of guys like a bit of a chase and a little mystery so they really feel like they’ve accomplished something when they “get” you. There’s a point, though, where it becomes too much of a game and the chase is exhausting. I know we’re all worth the chase, but there are so many better things to do than run, like going out on dates, hooking up with him, drinking wine together, etc. If you push too far, he’ll likely find someone easier, no matter how hot you are.
  5. Being fake. We probably want him to think we’re awesome, so sometimes we pretend or embellish a bit to enhance our awesomeness. Girl, you do not need to do that! You’re awesome, and if you keep pretending, one day you’ll show your true self and he won’t know who you are anymore. Just be you and if he doesn’t like you, he’s obviously not worth your time.
  6. Pushing him too fast. Some guys often take forever to commit or even figure out what they want. Sometimes they need some gentle reminders why they should commit to us and why they need to be more serious about us. But there’s a delicate balance here. It’s his life and his relationship too, so although you shouldn’t settle for someone boring, you probably should really look at your situation before you push him too far and too fast. Is a title or a ring really worth losing him? Try approaching it without going nuts and you’ll probably like the result. If you give him ultimatums, you might just lose him.
  7. Mad jealousy. Jealousy is one of those emotions we can’t help feeling. It creeps in and can make us feel absolutely awful about ourselves. Since we’re rarely the first woman to date our boyfriend, he probably comes with exes and baggage which can deepen our jealousy. Whereas a little bit of jealousy is normal and shows we care about our guy and don’t want to lose him, nuts levels of jealousy will for sure push him back into his ex’s bed. If you don’t trust him, don’t be with him. It’s pretty simple.
  8. Trying to control him. This is usually linked to jealousy, but not always. Telling him where he can and can’t go, who he’s allowed to hang out with, not consulting him on plans, etc. These are all surefire ways to make him lose interest in you really fast. If you respect him, you should act like it.
  9. Being endlessly indecisive. If you’re indecisive, that can drive people nuts, especially when you’re trying to date. Sometimes we give guys a hard time for taking forever to commit, but it’s partially because we change our minds a million times before they can make a decision. Although being indecisive about your wardrobe isn’t likely to drive him away, being indecisive about your relationship, your feelings, or your life in general can make you appear unstable and not ready for a grown-up relationship.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314