Able-Bodied Woman Married To Disabled Man Says He Knows Exactly How To Satisfy Her

An able-bodied woman married to a man with a disability has clapped back at trolls who claim she can’t possibly experience sexual pleasure with her husband. Hannah and Shane Burcaw began dating when she reached out to him after seeing him in a documentary. Not long after, they got married and are incredibly happy together. And, as Hannah points out, Shane knows exactly how to satisfy her.

  1. People who think she’s unhappy are just close-minded. Hannah and Shane recently took part in StyleLikeU, a DIPSEA series in which they discussed their sex life. In an episode called “Laughing At Your Ableist BS,” Hannah hit back at all the haters. “We definitely get a lot of comments from straight men thinking that it’s not fair that I’m with Shane and that I should be with them,” she said. “People say that I couldn’t possibly be satisfied, we get that every day.”
  2. Shane’s Spinal Muscular Atrophy doesn’t limit the couple in the bedroom. While many people think of sex in a very specific way, Shane pointed out that there are many forms of intimacy. “They perceive that I can’t have sex in their very limited, missionary man f***s woman. They think that is the be all and end all of sex,” he explained. “Little do they know… Our intimacy benefits from my disability and our intimacy is not just me enjoying it. It doesn’t look like what you see in the movies but I can totally do it.”
  3. Shane doesn’t feel shy about initiating. He loves his wife and loves being close to her sexually, so he doesn’t let his disability hold him back in the bedroom. “I am more often that not, the initiator. A non-disabled man might come up to Hannah and start rubbing her shoulders and I just say ‘hey, do you wanna go have sex?’ and I know that that probably shakes people as like ‘oh that must be not romantic’ but take our word for it,” Shane explained. “After I ask that, we are romantic. When we are in bed together I can ask her ‘will you roll me towards you’ or ‘can you move my arm so I can reach your neck or cheek.'”
  4. It’s all about verbalization. In addition to using their bodies to be close to one another, Hannah appreciates that Shane knows exactly how to talk to her to turn her on. “In general Shane uses his voice in ways that other people might just physically do something,” she revealed. And yes, things “down there” look just as they should.

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