8 Reasons I Absolutely Love Giving Head

8 Reasons I Absolutely Love Giving Head ©iStock/BraunS

I know a lot of women out there who refuse to give oral sex. Say whaaaaaaaaaa? If penises are so gross, why do you let them inside you? Refusing to get up close and personal with something doesn’t change what it is. Our body parts aren’t disgusting — they just are! — but that doesn’t mean they don’t need love, so to speak. I’m not ashamed to declare that I love giving head — here’s why:

  1. You gotta give what you wanna get. It’s so obnoxious when girls want a guy who goes down on them, but don’t want to return the favor. I’m on your side on this one, boys. That almost never happens, so take note. If a girl is stingy about oral sex, how is that any different than a guy who won’t go down on a woman? News flash: it isn’t! Hypocrisy is gross. There’s nothing wrong with a man’s nether regions, unless of course your guy doesn’t wash or groom appropriately. He will if he knows he’ll get rewarded, so no excuses!
  2. It feels sexy. I’m as independent as they come, but the rules don’t always apply in the bedroom. It’s fun to give pleasure, as it should be. Sex should be all about give and take. If you’re just a taker, then get outta my sheets! I’m a demonstrative lover, so I have no time for that crap. I feel sexiest when I know I’m doing something my partner enjoys. I only want to have sex with other people who feel the same.
  3. It’s empowering, not demeaning. Um, have you ever seen a man after he gets a BJ? Absolute helpless jello. I love that. I feel extremely powerful giving someone so much enjoyment that they can barely focus their vision. It’s something in which I mischievously delight, actually. It’s fun to dominate sometimes.
  4. I love penises. Again, don’t be a hypocrite. How can I expect a man to love and appreciate my vag if I’m grossed out by his frank-and-beans? That’s not cool. I don’t feel that way, not a bit. As long as he’s taking care of himself down there, I’m all over it. They fascinate me much in the way boobs must fascinate men. I could play with one all day long.
  5. I love the way men react. Like I said, helpless jello. I’m good at what I do, and I’ve gotten a lot of very appreciative feedback. It’s a skill I take pride in, and I enjoy demonstrating my talents. I know they’re enjoying it so I enjoy it as well! That obviously shines through in my performance.
  6. It makes me eternally memorable. Sure, we may not end up together. It might be a fling or a long-term romance that doesn’t end well. No matter what, I know that I’ll always be remembered as Incredible BJ Girl. I’m OK with that. It’s a bit comforting to be 99% sure that his new girl can’t do what I do in that department. I also know that the guy I end up with will be a very lucky – and happy – man.
  7. Sex is all about the fun extras. I mean…don’t just lie there and put it in, then be done with it. That sounds horrible. I love to make out, to do everything else that excites and titillates to make the actual intercourse that much hotter. If there’s no buildup, why would you want to do it at all? Make your sex sexy, dammit! Take some time to give each other extra love before the main event, including oral. I love going down on a guy for a bit before we get to it.
  8. It’s another way of showing how much I care. This is mostly specific to relationships, not just hookups. When I love someone, I love all of him. We see each other at our worst – sick, dirty, angry, mean, depressed. Why wouldn’t I love all of his body too? That’s part of any really connected partnership. I want to know that he loves all of me so that I can feel completely comfortable with him. I also want to make him feel the same way. Giving oral can be a very tender and loving gesture, if you think about it. Just don’t think about it too hard, or it’s not sexy anymore!
A former actress who has always loved the art of the written word, Amy is excited to be here sharing her stories! She just completed her first novel, and is also a contributor for Elite Daily, Dirty & Thirty, and Thought Catalog. Amy is the founder of What If Journey and can be found on Twitter @amyhorton18. You can also visit her website at amyhorton.net.