Aldi’s New Lobster Roll Dip Is Giving Us Major Summer Vacation Vibes

Close your eyes and imagine something for me real quick. It’s a hot August day. The sun is high in the sky, the seagulls are squawking in the sky, the waves are rolling in the sea down on the beach, and you’re about to chow down on a delicious lobster roll. It’s perfection, right? Well, it might only be March, but you can be transported to that magical scene with Aldi’s new lobster roll dip.

It’s everything you love about the classic summer treat in dip form. If you’ve never had an actual lobster roll, it’s basically just a delicious mix of lobster chunks, mayo, and lemon juice on a grilled bun. Super tasty, right? Aldi’s lobster roll dip puts all those flavors in one little container for your snacking pleasure right from the comfort of home.

It’s cheap AND delicious. We were first alerted to the existence of the dip by Instagrammer @aldisbuys, who shared a photo of the product on the shelf at their local store. “Hoping this one is better then [sic] the crab Rangoon one!” they wrote. Given that it’s only $3.29 per tub, you can buy three or four tubs of Aldi’s lobster roll dip for the price you’d pay for one actual lobster roll. Sounds like a bargain to me!

Each tub has 3.5 servings, so plan ahead. For me, 3.5 servings is a challenge, not a warning. While you might be tempted to eat a whole tub in one sitting, if you do stick to the serving suggestion, a few tubs should last you awhile (assuming the date on the package agrees with that assessment, of course).

It’s limited edition, so you’ll have to be quick. Sadly, the dip is part of the Aldi Finds program, which brings out some delicious and amazing products that you won’t find elsewhere but only in a limited edition capacity. The products are only available for as long as supplies last, so you really do have to be quick.


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