Alex Murdaugh Files For New Murder Trial Based On Outrageous Jury Tampering Claims

Alex Murdaugh Files For New Murder Trial Based On Outrageous Jury Tampering Claims Law & Crime/YouTube

Earlier this year, Alex Murdaugh was found guilty of all charges against him, the most important being the murder of his wife Maggie and son Paul. The evidence was overwhelming (so much so that even OJ Simpson knew he’d be found guilty!) and it was no surprise that Murdaugh was sentenced to life behind bars. However, he’s still thinking he can weasel his way out of it by requesting a new trial based on some pretty ridiculous and outrageous claims.

  1. Lawyers for Murdaugh filed the court motion on Tuesday, September 5. In the documents, they claim that the court clerk tried to influence the jury’s verdict in order to get a book deal for herself, per Fox News.
  2. Admittedly, Colleton County Court Clerk Rebecca Hill did write a book. The memoir was called “Behind the Doors of Justice: The Murdaugh Murders” and it came out on August 1. However, the idea that she needed Murdaugh to be found guilty to write her book during one off the most explosive trials in recent memory seems a bit wild…
  3. Alex Murdaugh’s team insists that Hill interfered with the jury’s objective process. Attorneys Jim Griffin and Dick Harpootlian claim that Hill pushed them to “reach a quick verdict” and that she “had frequent private conversations with the jury foreperson” to convince them to convict Murdaugh. “Ms. Hill did these things to secure for herself a book deal and media appearances that would not happen in the event of a mistrial,” they wrote. Ms. Hill betrayed her oath of office for money and fame.”
  4. Hill really wanted Murdaugh to be found guilty. At least according to his defense team, who say that Hill told jurors “not to be fooled” by the defendant and apparently “[misrepresented] critical and material information to the trial judge” to get a juror who would have let Murdaugh off removed from the jury.
  5. This is all “newly discovered evidence,” apparently. That evidence apparently came from interviews with two jurors, which is odd considering they claim that Hill pressured the foreperson, not the other jury members. She also reportedly told six of the smokers in the jury that they weren’t allowed to have a cigarette until they finished deliberating.
  6. The defense team wants a federal probe into Hill. In fact, in addition to requesting a new trial, Alex Murdaugh’s attorneys tried to make him the sad, unfortunate soul, writing that he may “very well be a victim of the corruption he symbolizes.”
  7. Misconduct does happen, of course. It would be wrong to insist that there have never been shady things going in criminal trials because it’s more common than you think. However, what Alex Murdaugh and his attorneys are failing to acknowledge here is the actual evidence against him, which is pretty damning. We shall see what happens…
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