Amazon Is Selling Solar-Powered Flickering Skull Lights For The Ultimate Halloween Experience

With Halloween only a few months away, I find myself going into autumn-inspired reveries and imagining how nice it’ll be when the weather isn’t boiling hot, I can comfortably wear a hoodie, and Halloween is in the air. It’s definitely the best holiday of all, not least of which because it’s one of the only holidays on which you can eat your weight in mini candy bars without an ounce of guilt. It’s also when the most fun decorations are out like these incredible solar-powered skeleton lanterns* that flicker eerily and are sure to creep out anyone who pops by for trick-or-treating.

  1. You can use them pretty much anywhere. While the fact that they’re solar-powered means you’ll get the most bang for your buck by placing them outside, they can go pretty much anywhere in your property that gets a decent amount of sunlight. Want to line your driveway with them? Go for it – they’ll look great! Want to put some along your front porch to give off a spooky glow? Great idea! Want to scatter a few around your back yard to get the seasonal vibe going there? I love it! These skeleton lanterns really can go anywhere.
  2. Environmentally friendly decorations are where it’s at. While there’s nothing wrong with lights and other pieces of decor that require electricity to operate properly, what I particularly love about these lanterns is the fact that they’re solar-powered and therefore generate their own power with a little help from the sun. No need to keep changing batteries or run cumbersome wires all over the place.
  3. You can take them anywhere! Maybe you’re going on a little haunted camping trip and want a fun addition to your tent or campsite. These lanterns would be perfect to take with you! Because they don’t require any additional cords or batteries or anything, you can just take them along where you go and get the full enjoyment from them.
  4. The solar-powered skeleton lanterns come in packs of two. You can grab yours from Amazon for $41.99 for a pair of two, which is a total bargain, especially considering how much enjoyment you’re going to get out of them over the years.

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