13 Annoying Things Bar Flies Wish You’d Stop Saying About Them

13 Annoying Things Bar Flies Wish You’d Stop Saying About Them ©iStock/MonkeyBusinessImages

It’s time for the judgement to stop. What have bar flies ever done to you? Have you ever realized that you have to be hanging out at the bar pretty often too to notice which women are bar flies? Okay, if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what a bar fly is, the term is usually defined (at least nicely) as a man or woman who is frequently at a bar.

Women, especially, get the worse definition. They’re usually considered users or even easy. While that might be true for a few, many bar flies aren’t anything like that. Among the things bar flies hate hearing, it’s being compared to an unfair stereotype. After all, they’re just there to do the same thing you’re doing – have fun.

  1. She must not have a life. So just because a woman’s hanging out a bar, she must not have a life? Why are you there? It looks like she’s enjoying time with her friends, meeting new people and doing something other than eating ice cream and binging on Netflix.
  2. I guess she only cares about hooking up. I’m pretty sure going to a bar doesn’t automatically equal hooking up. It’s like going to your favorite restaurant often. You get to know the regulars and become friends. It’s a comfortable, fun place to hang out.
  3. It must be nice to stay drunk all the time. I’ll admit I’ve seen some bar flies who go way past their limit. Most just drink enough to get a decent buzz, if that. My guess, they’ll walk out far more sober than you will by the time the night’s over.
  4. She’s just using guys for free drinks. So your boobs are pushed up to your chin because you don’t know how to buy a bra that fits? Didn’t think so. Who cares if guys are buying her drinks? You’re just jealous they’re paying more attention to her than you.
  5. I bet she’s nasty. You’re sitting across the room, yet you automatically assume she must not have taken a shower in the last week just because you see her at the bar often. WTF? Bar fly doesn’t mean inability to be clean and sanitary.
  6. She must not have any standards. Why? Sure, she might flirt and get free drinks sometimes. That doesn’t mean she’s going to hook up with every guy there. She has standards. That’s probably why she’s single. Hell, she might even have a boyfriend. What would you really know since you’re so busy judging versus getting to know her?
  7. She’s just looking for a sugar daddy. Did you ask her this? How do you know? Besides, what’s wrong if that’s what she wants? Maybe you’re just afraid she’ll steal away that sugar daddy you’ve been eyeing.
  8. She’s such a slut. My guess is if she was such as slut, you wouldn’t see her at the bar that often. She’d be busy with umm…other things. It’s time we stop calling every woman who might possibly have slept with more than one guy a slut.
  9. No guy would ever want her for more than a night. Just because she’s a bar fly doesn’t mean she’s not a wonderful woman. You have no clue who she really is. Why wouldn’t a guy want to hang out with her? Most of the bar’s regulars are probably friends, guys included. She could be an extremely intelligent, personable woman that any man would be lucky to have in his life for the long term.
  10. She gives women a bad name. How? Once again, aren’t you at the same bar? Being a woman who enjoys to drink and hang out with like minded individuals isn’t a crime. Being judgmental and bringing other women down helps give women a bad name.
  11. I bet she’s so miserable. That’s why she’s here all the time. You could be right. Of course, hearing you say that behind her back just makes it worse. You don’t know what her life is like. What if she just got out of a bad relationship and being around people at the bar makes her feel better? Maybe she’s extremely happy and just likes to talk with the regulars after work.
  12. She probably got dumped and couldn’t find anyone else. Because that’s the only reason women go to bars. Honestly, grow up already. Life isn’t about finding a man. She could just be there to drink without being judged. It is a bar after all. Besides, maybe she enjoys being single. Did you think about that?
  13. She’s such a tease. Let me get this straight. Flirting makes her promiscuous and sleeping with a guy makes her a tease. So do you want her to sleep around or not? Just because she’s not going home with every guy who says “hi” doesn’t make her tease. She has every right to say “no.” That’s not being a tease. That’s respecting yourself and everyone else should respect her choice too.

Bar flies have gotten a bad name just because a handful doesn’t know how to act right. For most of them, it’s like Cheers. They’ve found a second home where everyone knows their name.

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