Baked Potato Boards Are The Best Way To Load Up On Everyone’s Favorite Carb

When it comes to snacking, anything laid out in an Instagram-friendly manner on a wooden board tends to be pretty popular. From regular ol’ charcuterie boards to candy boards to even “barkuterie” boards for dogs, it’s a pretty popular format. That means there’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to what people will put on the menu, and these baked potato boards just might be the best way ever to stuff yourself full of everyone’s favorite carb.

Baked potato boards are a fun way to get everyone involved in eating. Like most food served on boards, the great thing about them is that everyone can get involved in creating their own version of a yummy plate. With a variety of toppings to choose from, you can fill your boots with all your favorites and leave behind what doesn’t suit you. It’s perfect for picky eaters and for making everyone feel like they’re part of the prep.

It can be a meal or a snack! The great thing about baked potato boards is that depending on what you put on yours (and the size of your potatoes, I suppose), it can either be something you eat between meals as a hearty snack or a meal itself. If you’re extra hungry and there are enough portions, you can even have a couple of baked potatoes from the board with different toppings on each.

You can put so many different things on baked potatoes. Because they’re a pretty neutral-tasting food, there’s a huge number of things that can go on them that will be tasty. From classic things like cheese, sour cream, and chilli to baked beans (Heinz British version only, please), coleslaw, pulled pork, broccoli, bacon, ham… the list goes on and on!

Baked potato boards make great party food too. If you’re having a get-together and want to feed someone a warming bit of food without having to put too much effort into it, this is the best option ever. Not only that, but your guests will love it!

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