Basically All Guys Think These 10 Things Are Drop-Dead Sexy

When it comes to the art of seduction, it can be hard to separate what’s SUPPOSED to be super sexy and what actually is. It’s true that all guys have our unique turn-ons just like women, there are some things we find universally sexy that you probably wouldn’t even consider.

That ‘innocent as a lamb’ ploy Yes, this is real and yes, it totally works — and it doesn’t have to just mean giving us doe eyes and you looking at us imploringly (though that works, too). It’s more about you asking us for help so we can be the hero, even though you don’t actually need to be saved and know how to take care of yourself. Yes, we know you can reach the top shelf, but still, it’s nice (and arousing!) to be asked.

Seeing you naked, then being told not to look  Now, finding naked you sexy perhaps isn’t an earth shattering revelation, but what you probably wouldn’t expect is the effect of showing us your nakedness and then taking it away. So dastardly. Whether it’s just you telling us to turn around or you slipping us a peek then pulling your shirt back down, the quick ‘reveal and remove’ is a classically effective move that always makes us want you more.

Mismatched undies Yep, another surprise. We’re turned on by ladies in their unmentionables. But you want to know the icing on the cake for us guys? When the underwear doesn’t match. I don’t know if it’s because it makes you seem more spontaneous or if it’s just the fact that they’re usually bright colors, but whatever it is, it definitely works.

Whenever you laugh (especially if we’re the ones who made it happen) Nothing gets us going more than hearing you laugh. When you throw your head back with uncontrollable laughter, it’s the absolute best. It means you’re having fun, you’re relaxed, and you’re comfortable with us – and that’s the best thing of all. It doesn’t matter if you think your laugh is ugly or shrill or makes you sound like a man. It’s all music to our ears.

Any and all sex accessories you have This doesn’t mean that every guy is going to be super into whatever gets you going (looking at you, sex swing owners) but just the fact that you HAVE this stuff, that you’re comfortable in your own sexuality, and that you’re determined to get yours is hot as hell.

You in your PJs  Screw fancy lingerie. Just you in you PJs, looking all cute and comfortable is a huge turn on. It sounds like total BS that’s only true in rom-coms but this one does actually carry over to real life. Maybe it’s because it’s like seeing something you’re not supposed to, like looking behind a movie screen or under a table at a puppet show. It’s the reveal of what’s not supposed to be revealed – and it’s 100 percent incredible.

When you’re comfortable being naked First, nudity. Yes, please. Second, it’s not when you’re not getting ready to have sex or running to the bathroom in the night, but when you’re just like, “Yep, I’m gonna watch Netflix in my birthday suit because it’s comfortable and my undies ride up otherwise.” Crazy hot.

The little stray hairs that escape your ponytail It’s not like at the end of the day, after you’ve gone to the gym and you’re all sweaty and tired (although, full disclosure, that’s pretty good too). It’s more at the START of the day when you’re looking incredible and ready to face the world, and just at the very base of your hairline there are always a few wispy little hairs defying your best efforts. We love those plucky little guys more than anything.

The sound of your voice Yep, your voice. It’s the cue that we’re about to learn something amazing that we didn’t know or laugh at something hilarious you say. You’re amazingly fun to talk to but it goes beyond that. There’s a more primal attraction to a woman’s voice for most of us guys. We don’t know if it’s because you can go so much higher and lower or if there’s some Evo-psych theory out there, but whatever it is, your pipes definitely get us going.

You being a badass Whether it’s at work watching you just totally dominate some meeting or seeing you flirt and negotiate our way into the first class lounge at an airport, seeing you kicking ass and take names is literally the best. It’s like real life competence adult sex movie – and we’ve got a front row seat.

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