Guys Like Good Morning Texts Too — What Kind To Send (With Examples)

As women, we love getting good morning texts from guys we like/ones we’re dating. There’s just something so sweet and thoughtful about it that melts our hearts. However, is it the same in reverse? Do guys like good morning texts too? Of course they do! Who doesn’t like knowing they’re on someone’s mind as soon as they wake up? It’s flattering, heartwarming, and kinda hot. Here’s why you should stop waiting for guys to reach out and send your own messages before work.

Why sending good morning texts can strengthen your relationship

  1. It shows you’re putting in the effort. If we want equality, we have to be willing to do our part. It shouldn’t be up to guys in heterosexual relationships to keep the romance alive and make all the romantic gestures. Women are just as capable (and should be just as willing) to show our affection and thoughtfulness. By doing things like sending good morning texts, guys realize that we really do like them and that we’re invested in the budding (or established) relationship.
  2. It reassures him of his importance in your life. Even if you’re in an official relationship, you should have to keep the relationship strong and healthy. You can’t just rest on your laurels and expect him to know how much you care. Getting sweet messages from you when he wakes up is an ego boost and shows him that he takes up a lot of space in your head and heart. That would make anyone feel good.
  3. It makes him feel wanted. When you send him certain messages — that you wish you were waking up with him, for instance — he’ll feel like a million bucks. He may also feel a bit frustrated and horny because he’s not with you. However, he’s bound to walk with a pep in his step that day knowing how much you want him.
  4. It can be a conversation starter. Guys aren’t necessarily big on texting, but good morning texts can be a great way to get conversation rolling. For instance, maybe you open by asking him what he did last night or how work was. Any questions that provoke a response (hopefully more than a one-word one) are great. You’ll also get to talk to him more, which is a win-win.
  5. It makes him feel appreciated. No one wants to feel like the person they’re dating is taking them for granted or doesn’t care. A quick morning message in which you tell him how much you love having him in your life can do wonders for making sure he feels loved and appreciated. Try it!

Examples of the best good morning texts to send guys

  1. “I was thinking about you all night.” This is a good one because it’s bound to pique his interest. What were you thinking? All good stuff, he’ll hope. You’ll no doubt get a quick reply asking you to elaborate on those late-night thoughts.
  2. “Good morning, handsome.” Short and simple but very effective. You can stroke his ego by calling him handsome, let him know you’re thinking of him, and wish him a good day.
  3. “I went to sleep smiling last night because of you.” This is really sweet. While it can be suggestive, it doesn’t necessarily have to. He’s bound to love knowing he’s able to put a smile on your face.
  4. “You were in my dream last night.” Guys love good morning texts like this. Of course, they love it even more if the dream you had was dirty and you plan to elaborate on it. This is an especially good starter if you’re trying to kick off a morning sexting session.
  5. “Hope you slept well.” This seems a bit dry, we know, but it’s a good choice if you know he was up late working or that he struggles with insomnia. It’s caring and thoughtful, and that’s always a good thing.
  6. “I can’t wait to see you later!” If you have a date planned for later that day, let him know how excited you are by telling him so first thing in the morning. He’s likely thinking the same thing, anyway.
  7. “I wish I was waking up in your arms this morning.” If this is a rare night you’re spending apart, this is a morning text that lets him know how much you hate it. It’s another way of letting him know you miss him without saying so directly. He’ll get the hint, though.
  8. “Did you wake up thinking about our kiss last night like I did?” If you had a particularly great date last night and want to keep the spark going, this is a great text to send. Things could get pretty steamy pretty quickly, however, so beware!
  9. “Rise and shine! Thinking of you, babe.” Perfect for established relationships with guys, this is one of those good morning texts that’s light, sweet, but still really thoughtful.
  10. “When do I get to see your face again?” Desperate to go out on another date but things have been hectic lately? This is a great option. It’s another way of asking him when he’s free. Hopefully, you can make some concrete plans now!
  11. “How does it feel waking up as the sexiest man alive?” This is a playful ego boost that he’ll still really love, even if he does laugh it off. Every guy wants to feel like he’s super hot, just like women do. If you want to give him a boost, this is a great option.
  12. “Good morning! Though every morning since I met you has been a good one…” A bit corny, yes, but if he’s the type of guy who likes a bit of sappiness, this is a great option. It’s an excellent way to let him know how happy you are to have him in your life.
  13. “I need you and a cup of coffee right now!” Nice work on being suave! This text lets him know you’re craving him but kinda plays it down by mentioning the coffee too. Then again, if he knows how much you treasure your oat milk lattes in the morning, he’ll probably get the hint.
  14. “Good morning to the hottest guy on the planet.” Another playful ego-stroke message. A great alternative to the “sexiest man alive” option.
  15. “Morning, sleepyhead! Time to get up!” This is another one that’s perfect for relationships that have been going for a while. It’s comfortable, casual, but still a great way of staying connected when you’re apart. It also gets him out of bed if he’s notorious for silencing his alarm (or forgetting to send it in the first place).
  16. “Good morning, IMY.” If typing out the words “I miss you” freaks you out, this is a good option. Hopefully, he knows what the acronym means!
  17. “Morning, you. Want to get breakfast?” Want to see him? Get straight to the point by asking him to grab some food before work. Even if it’s just a bagel and lox from the bodega on the corner, at least you’ll get to see his face.
  18. “Good morning! When are we [insert date activity here]?” Want to go see a movie or hit the ice skating rink they put up in the park for winter? This kind of message is perfect because it keeps the ball of your relationship rolling.
  19. “Ugh, it’s so annoying.” When they ask you what, respond: “That I can’t get you out of my head this morning.”
  20. “Wish I could have woken you up with a good morning kiss <3.” Sweet, thoughtful, and very romantic. If you’re in the lovey-dovey stage of dating, the guy will clearly melt when he gets this in the morning.
  21. Cute animal photos As far as good morning texts go, guys and women alike love cute animal photos. These pics can be of your own pet if you have one, or adorable ones you follow on Instagram. Your choice. Besides, if he doesn’t like animals, that’s probably a red flag anyway.
  22. Funny memes Hilarious Instagram memes are also a good choice, though avoid anything too crude or outlandish first thing in the morning.
  23. Link to an interesting article If you’re a sapiosexual dating an intellectual guy, hit him with a fascinating article you read in The New Yorker or a study that popped up in Psychology Today. It’ll provide great conversational fodder and illustrate just how much you’re on the same wavelength.
  24. “Can’t believe how horny I woke up this morning.” Hope you’ve cleared your morning after sending this because an all-out sexting session is bound to happen. Hell, if he lives nearby, he might even come over.
  25. “Good morning, sexy.” Also suggestive but not necessarily indicative of you wanting to get down and dirty then and there.
  26. A nude-ish pic of you This is not recommended for someone you’ve only just met (unless you’re consensually looking for that kind of relationship). However, no guy will turn down a sexy pic of the woman he’s dating. It just won’t happen. In fact, you’ll probably make it very hard for him to get out of bed until he, erm, takes care of himself.
  27. “Want to come over?” Short, simple, and to the point. So, does he?
Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more. You can follow her on Twitter @jenniferlstill