Beautician Apparently Cuts Off Woman’s Eyelashes After Her Payment Card Gets Declined

A beauty therapist on TikTok has posted a video in which she appears to cut the eyelashes right off a woman’s eyes after the woman’s payment method is declined. The video, which is captioned “When it’s time to pay and her card declines…” shows the technician not only cutting off the eyelash extensions but the customer’s natural eyes. The question is whether or not this is real or one big joke.


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  1. I don’t think anyone would just lay there. Admittedly, it might be a bit of an awkward scenario to get lash extensions, only to find out you can’t pay. I don’t imagine they’re that easy to remove, but would that give a business owner the right to cut them off your eyes? And would you just lay there as she chopped away? I’m not so sure.
  2. The TikTok beautician, @lashesbyleenax, called the woman the #worstclient. As a small business owner, you’d understandably quite upset to spend labor and supplies on a customer who couldn’t pay in the end. However, the reaction to that seems pretty extreme. If the customer was a regular, why not just have her come back with cash at a later date?
  3. The response online was pretty varied. Some people couldn’t believe the clip was real, with one person writing: “No way did you chop her actual lashes what” while another added: “Nah bro you cut off my real lashes and I’m cutting off something of yours.” Another person was convinced the video might be real and thought the beautician was out of line. “Woow never coming to you! That’s so sad, she could’ve gone and got cash whilst you had a valuable of hers,” they wrote.
  4. Chances are, this might have been for a laugh. After all, it does seem pretty extreme, and while it’s not impossible that the account owner really did do this to a customer, something tells me that would be the end of her business if it was true.
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