Best Friends Celebrate Their 35th Birthday Together With A Prosecco And Cake Fight Photoshoot

Best Friends Celebrate Their 35th Birthday Together With A Prosecco And Cake Fight Photoshoot Lauren Hardy Photography

When you have a true best friend, you know you need to hold onto them for life. It’s not easy to find someone who will always be there for you, who doesn’t judge you, who encourages you to be your best self, and who generally makes your life a better place. That’s certainly the case for Amanda and Holly. They always celebrate their birthdays together but decided that for their 35th, they’d take it up a notch with a special BFF photoshoot complete with cake and champagne.

Read on to hear more about the shoot and see the incredible pictures they took.

  1. They describe themselves as “soul sisters.” In an email, photographer Lauren Hardy told Bolde that Amanda and Holly, the subjects of the photos, were “two people who were meant to be in each other’s lives” and that while they were friends for more than a decade, it actually felt like a whole lifetime.
  2. This year was a special birthday. Hardy explained that while the women always try to do something fun together to commemorate their birthdays, since they were turning 35 this year, they wanted to do “something, big, something fun, something silly, something EPIC, something to show the world that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and something just for them that would be documented forever.”
  3. Their champagne and cake photoshoot was the perfect thing. After brainstorming ideas, Amanda and Holly came up with the idea of doing a shoot replicating “what babies do” but with a twist. Babies are always smashing cake all over their faces and using their hands to eat on their birthdays, so why couldn’t they do a more grown-up version, complete with Prosecco?
  4. The photos they took were EPIC. Hardy captured Amanda and Holly in fancy dress, decked out in frilly white skirts and black high heels on a snowy lane near Toronto. They brought a gorgeous (and delicious-looking) layer cake with them as well as champagne flutes and just decided to have fun with it. You can tell from the shots Hardy captured that that’s exactly how it went down.
  5. We should all celebrate special days with our BFFs like this. Even if we can’t hire a professional photographer to do a photoshoot for us, we could always stage one ourselves, filling the pictures and the day with stuff that means the most to us and our friends. Good friends are amazing and always worth celebrating, after all!

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