The Best Sex I Ever Had Was With A Complete Narcissist

I know you’re probably wondering how a guy who’s obsessed with himself could possibly pleasure someone else, but it happens. I’ve had my share of partners and experienced what I thought was the ultimate pleasure, but it didn’t even compare to what I got from a complete narcissist.

  1. Narcissists don’t give up easily. My boyfriend at the time was so obsessed with getting his way that he always made sure I would orgasm every time we had sex. We’d change positions frequently or he’d ask me what I wanted if he realized he wasn’t getting the job done. One of the first times we ever had sex, he stopped briefly and grabbed my legs, put his hands between them and said, “Tell me when I hit your G spot.” Yes, seriously. The fact that he was so obsessed with pleasing himself by pleasing me made the orgasms extra intense.
  2. They have to be the best at everything. Everything he did was done precisely and with a lot of attention to my reactions and the movement of my body. We’d talk about sex daily, especially the positions we liked and what really turned us on. Having conversations like this really made a difference when we were actually doing the deed and drastically improved our sex life. Being so interested in and in tune with what I wanted and enjoyed really did make him the best at pleasing me.
  3. They’re obsessed with convincing you of their greatnessHe constantly talked about being the best at absolutely everything. He made sure I knew how many women were obsessed with him just in case I ever doubted his quality. He was a professional athlete in his 20s, which had attracted a flock of shallow and simple-minded women who’d pretty much do anything to even be seen with him. This turned him into an egomaniac. The good thing about this is that he was desperate to live up to the image he’d created of himself as some demigod because he wanted me to think he was too. My vagina thanked him for this.
  4. They love a challenge. If I even slightly glanced in another guy’s direction, he’d automatically say or do something dramatic to big himself up again. Even when watching movies together, if there was some intense sex scene, he’d make comments about his own sexual prowess that would turn me on and make me want to jump his bones then and there. It was almost like other men were ammo for him to try even harder to please me.
  5. They have an obsessive love for the female body. This man would obsess over every curve of my body while we had sex and would make sensual comments about all my features. What woman doesn’t love compliments and praise when she’s naked and vulnerable in front of a man? He wanted me to return the sentiment and go on and on about how hot he was too of course, and I often would, but it was the lavish praise he sent my way that took the sex over the edge and made me feel so much more comfortable and confident.
  6. They’re preoccupied with success and power. It was always so important to him that he was the first person people consulted about pretty much any topic. He was a know-it-all who had to be superior to everyone else and because of this, he saw himself as the expert in lovemaking. This made for a man who knew no boundaries to pleasing me. I honestly don’t think he could have gone through the day with knowing that he didn’t do the best he possibly could. The first time we ever had sex, it was a bit offbeat and didn’t feel super sensual, but the next day he texted me and apologized! He promised to make it up to me and he actually did.
  7. They’re adrenaline junkies who think they’re above the law. We literally had sex anywhere and everywhere. It made it more erotic and more pleasurable because of how intense and inappropriate it was. One time we sneaked into the men’s locker room at a golf club when we were attending a friend’s wedding and we just went at it. Another night, we were at a bonfire outside our house and while unloading wood from his pickup truck, he grabbed me and bent me over right then and there. His need to seem like he was above tradition and convention made for some really intense sexual experiences.
  8. They want 100% of your attention so they’ll work to get it. He always wanted to be complimented and acknowledged for his performance, which meant he had to work harder to get it. He made sure I was pleased and satisfied so he would get credit for it later. He not only wanted me to tell him how much of a sex god he was but my friends too needed to know just how lucky I was to get to sleep with him. It was really obnoxious but kinda paid off.
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