Blind Woman Who Regained Vision Says Husband Is ‘Just As Handsome As I Imagined’

A woman who lost her vision at 18 and was declared legally blind shortly after due to keratoconus has had her vision restored, allowing her to finally see her husband’s face for the first time. Needless to say, he was just as handsome as she imagined!

Sophia Corah initially thought she was having an “allergy attack.” Initially, the teen assumed her condition was temporary and would sort itself out. However, it soon dawned on her that it was much more serious. “I drove to school and realized my eyesight was going when I couldn’t read the paper. It was so scary, and I think I sobbed for six months,” she told SWNS (via NY Post).

After graduating high school, Corah enlisted at Adams State University in Colorado. Not willing to let her condition control her life, Corah studied psychology at the school, where she met Chrstian Corah, now 25. They were great friends at first, with Christian helping to rais almost $20,000 in five weeks for Sophia to have surgery after her eyesight continued to decline. She was able to have the surgery in October 2018 and finally regained her vision in August 2019.

Sophia’s vision didn’t come back right away. “My vision slowly started coming back, but it was very gradual while I healed,” she recalled. “I was able to start wearing … [scleral] contacts, which meant I could see, but it was very intense, and I could only wear them for a few hours at first.” During that time, Sophia recuperated at home.

Not long after, Sophia realized she had feelings for Christian. While never having physically seen him, she knew there was something special between them. “Christian and I had stayed in touch after I went home for the surgery, and I realized that no one else made me feel like he did,” she said, adding that she knew she had to make her move. “I could see how handsome he was — he had a gorgeous smile. I knew I’d fallen for him and had to tell him how I felt.”

Seeing him for the first time was an overwhelming experience. Corah described it as “really intense,” especially since she could finally “see every detail of his face so clearly.” However, she eventually calmed down and “realized what a cutie he was.”

It wouldn’t have mattered what Christian looked like anyway. As Sophia pointed out, their connection was so strong anyway that nothing could have changed that. “I had already built a connection with him that it didn’t matter what he looked like, but it was very nice to properly see his face after all this time,” she said. “He was even more handsome than I could have imagined.”

Sophia and Christian got married in June 2021. As Sophia said: “It’s been an amazing journey. Christian was there for me in the toughest times of my life and supported me and made me feel so special, it brought us so close together.” Meanwhile, Christian has nothing but praise for his wife. “She would play ping-pong with me when she was blind and beat me at pool. As soon as I met Sophia, I was drawn to her,” he added. “She was such a fighter, and she’d never use her blindness as an excuse.”

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