Blunt Reasons Why People Who Are Always On Their Phones Are So Annoying

You love your phone, but you’re not addicted to it. You’d be fine walking through the world without checking it every five seconds, so it’s annoying if you’re hanging around people who can’t seem to breathe without checking their phones. Here are 15 common annoyances you’ll probably experience because of phone addicts.

1. You feel ignored.

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When your friend or partner is constantly texting in your presence, you start to feel ignored or like you’re boring them. It’s so obnoxious. You might shut down because you feel it’s pointless to say anything. They’re obviously not paying attention to you, so why waste your breath?

2. You’re constantly interrupted.

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You’re getting into the juicy part of your first date story or the first day in your new job when the phone addict reaches for their phone. They might say, “Oops, sorry!” but they’re still side-eyeing the text or social media notification they just received. You keep getting interrupted because the person can’t stop checking out what’s going on their stupid iPhone.

3.  You have to wait for them to take selfies.

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A phone-obsessed person might constantly say, “Wait, let’s take a pic!” when they’re about to eat a meal, watch a sunset, or see a pretty flower. Hanging out with them can make you feel like you’re always forced to be patient as they document everything for social media. You can never truly live in the moment.

4. You have to watch where they’re going.

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If someone’s hunched over their phone while walking around in public, it’s only a matter of time before they bump into someone or into a pole. You have to keep telling them to keep an eye on their surroundings. They’re just not paying attention to what’s going on around them.

5. You have to listen to them about their body aches.

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Being obsessed with your phone can make you get aches and pains in your hands, neck, elbows, and back. People who can’t stop texting often sit around moaning about these types of pains and asking you for painkillers. They don’t realize that they feel like crap because they spend all day and night hunched over their phones.

6. They take forever to answer you in real-time.

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Chatting with someone who’s always on their phone sometimes feels like you’re experiencing delays during a video chat. They take forever to answer you because they’re trying too hard to multitask. They’re not fully listening to you, so it takes their brains a few minutes to try and make a guess at what you just said.

7. They don’t make eye contact.

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Since the person is always looking down at their phone, they’re not looking you in the eyes when you’re trying to have a conversation. It can feel like they’re being shifty or keeping you at a distance. You need eye contact to bond and create a meaningful connection.

8. You have to text them instead of speaking face-to-face.

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If your friend or partner is obsessed with their phone, you might find that they only want to chat via text. Yes, even if you’re in the same house! You have to send them a text because they’re not going to break contact with their phone to have a face-to-face conversation.

9. You hate being in the car when they drive.

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Since the person can’t leave their phone for five seconds, they probably check it (or even talk on it, albeit hands-free) while they’re driving. This is a no-no! Being a passenger in their car is a horrible experience and has probably led to many arguments. Taxi!

10.  You never get asked about your day.

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When you want to chat with the person about your day, they never seem to ask you how it was because they’re always on their phone, even when you’re sitting together in the same room. You can expect long, awkward silences while they scroll endlessly. What are they even looking at?

11. You get woken up by their screen’s blue light.

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If you share a bed with someone who’s obsessed with their phone, you might get woken up by the harsh light from their cell phone. They can’t chill for one minute before checking out what’s going on on it because catching up on notifications and news is the first thing they do as soon as they wake up. Keep your phone out of the bed!

12. Their insomnia interrupts your quality sleep.

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Someone who’s always on their phone might use it late into the night, which is disrupting. Or, their cell phone obsession can cause them to struggle to still their mind enough to sleep, especially if they’re scrolling on social media late at night. All that tossing and turning is going to affect you too.

13. You’re exposed to their private conversations in public.

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Walking around a supermarket or park and having your experience interrupted by someone who’s chatting away on their phone — is there anything more annoying? It’s especially bad if the person’s speaking super loudly (which always seems to be the case with people like this). It’s like they want everyone to hear them.

14. They delay everything and everyone.

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Multitasking can slow you down instead of making you get through tasks faster. If the person you’re with is always on their phone while trying to shop for groceries or get a table at a restaurant, they’re going to take a long time doing something that usually takes a few seconds, which is obnoxious. They’re not being present.

15. They reply to messages during sex.

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One of the worst things someone who’s attached to their phone can do is answer a call or check their text notifications during sex. Unless it’s an emergency situation, like someone has died, there’s no good excuse for this ever. This is more than annoying, it’s downright rude.

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