Christina Aguilera’s Favorite Oral Sex Techinque Is One Not Everyone Can Get Behind

Christina Aguilera’s Favorite Oral Sex Techinque Is One Not Everyone Can Get Behind Call Her Daddy

Christina Aguilera isn’t shy when it comes to talking about her sexuality, from masturbation to oral sex and everything in between. The “Dirrty” singer, who recently launched her own sexual wellness brand Playground, decided she was no longer going to feel ashamed to be frank about intimacy, and that’s exactly why she decided to have such a candid conversation about her own sex life with husband Matthew Ruttler in an interview on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. During that chat, she revealed that there’s one oral sex technique she swears by that other women should get behind: swallowing.

At one point, host Alex Cooper asked the 42-year-old what her best skill in the bedroom is, to which she responded, “Hands down, it’s got to be blow jobs.” And while many women really don’t love going down on a guy, she couldn’t feel more differently. “I love a blowjob… I enjoy it… I know every different part and the sensitive areas, and I literally do enjoy it, I hear some women don’t like it, but I don’t know, man, it’s a turn-on,” she continued.

Christina Aguilera has given her fair share of BJs over the years, and while she’s a happily married woman now, her past experience has taught her a lot about just how unique each man’s preference is when it comes to receiving oral sex. “What one guy might like, another one doesn’t,” she said. “There are some guys that don’t like their balls being touched or tampered with, there are some guys who like brutal things happening to them. Yeah, there’s a lot of different levels… That’s why it’s important to be with a partner where you can really just explore. And there’s a lot of things that I have not explored yet that are on my to-do list.”

As for that controversial finisher? Aguilera swears by swallowing and would highly recommend it to other women (or those who have sex with people with male genitalia). “There’s something to be said, after you put in the hard work, I think swallowing is a good thing, and it’s got a lot of protein, I have to say,” she added. “I’m a promoter of the swallow, OK. I didn’t put in that hard work for nothing!”

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