Just Because You’re Cool With Being Single Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Want Love

You’re a strong, independent woman. You provide for yourself, think for yourself, and you definitely don’t need a romantic partner to make your life feel complete. The thing is though, just because you don’t need something doesn’t mean you don’t want it. You might be able to find contentment and wholeness on your own but that doesn’t mean that you have to. There are plenty of reasons having a romantic partner in your life can fulfill you even if you don’t need one to make yourself happy.

Companionship is special.

Nobody likes to be alone all of the time. Sure, even if you’re single you have friends and family in your life to keep you company and provide support but having a partner is different. There’s something comforting and beautiful about having someone to go home to at the end of a long day and having someone next to you in bed every night. Once you find your perfect match, it can be hard to imagine life without them.

Dating is fun. 

Even if you’re perfectly happy being on your own and dating yourself, getting out there and meeting new people is just great fun and an experience that you don’t have to deprive yourself of simply because you’re content being single. In fact, dating without the need to find a relationship might be an even better, happier experience for you than dating in the past has been. There won’t be so much pressure to make something work and form a serious relationship. You could simply go out and let the chips fall where they may.

You’re envious of what other couples have.

Being happily single doesn’t mean that you don’t ever get jealous of what people in love have. When you see people who are genuinely in love and always having fun together, it can be easy to become envious of that kind of connection and want it for yourself. You might know that you don’t need it to feel complete but you still want to find a partner to share everything in your life with and that’s perfectly okay.

You’d like someone to come home too. 

Having a partner to come home to after a long day can sometimes provide the best, most comforting feeling in the world. Sure, you might feel just as good coming home to a quiet space where you can pour yourself a glass of wine and kick back on the couch but if you find yourself wishing there was a person waiting for you that you could talk to, it might be worth going on some dates and seeing if you can find someone who you could picture coming home to.

You want someone to care for and to care for you. 

Sure, you can get a pet to take care of and be perfectly satisfied but you might find yourself wanting that love and attention reciprocated. The desire to have someone to care for is in human nature and it’s completely normal and natural to want someone to care for you. You are capable of taking care of yourself but that doesn’t mean you should have to or want to all of the time! The best thing about having a partner in life is having someone who will comfort you when you’re sad, encourage you when you’re down, and always have your back.

You’re tired of being the third wheel. 

Being single has its perks and it can be very fun to only focus on yourself for a while, but what isn’t always fun is being the odd one out. The older you get, the more it might seem that you’re the only one of your friends without a person. After a while, you might get sick of being the only one without a hand to hold when you hang out in groups. You definitely don’t need someone to make you happy but you might want to find someone to take on group dates.

You want to get married someday. 

Marriage isn’t something that everyone wants and if you can’t picture yourself being someone’s wife, that’s perfectly fine but if getting married is something that you dream about or even something that’s just an option at this point, you don’t have to give that idea up just because you know that you’re okay on your own. A partnership should be a choice and not something that you feel obligated to have so if you’re a strong, independent woman who chooses marriage, your relationship will be in the best place it can be!

You don’t want to give up on love. 

One of the reasons you might have chosen singleness for some time now is because you’ve had bad relationships in the past and have ended up with your heart broken. After being hurt, it can be very scary to take a chance on love and relationships again but if having someone special to share your life with is what you want, don’t let the fear of heartbreak keep you from trying again. There are still a lot of good ones out there and if you don’t give up on love, you’ll find your soulmate one day.

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