These Crocheted Cat Butt Coasters Are The Purr-Fect Way Of Protecting Your Furniture

While drink coasters might seem like something you’ve only ever seen or been forced to use at your grandparents’ house as a kid, they actually come in handy for protecting wood furniture from ring stains and water damage from cup condensation. However, you don’t have to use something boring and stuffy, especially not when crocheted cat butt coasters exist!

  1. I mean, how cute are these? Etsy sellers are known for being incredibly creative, talented, and come up with some really unique products. I mean, where else would you ever find cat butt coasters at all, let alone ones hand-made out of yarn? My mind is seriously blown here.
  2. Imagine handing your guests a drink and one of these bad boys to go along with it. “Oh hey, before you set that drink down, would you mind using a coaster?” *Whips out cat butt coaster* I’m imagining the reactions my friends would have now and most of them involve hysterical laugher.
  3. They’d make an amazing gift for the cat lover in your life. Hey, maybe that person is you, and you should definitely treat yourself. Maybe your BFF is obsessed with her kitty and would totally get a kick out of these. Maybe it’s your colleague who has pics of her feline friends all over her desk. Whoever it is, cat butt coasters would make the perfect gift for any occasion. I know I’d love to get them!
  4. So where can you buy some? Etsy seller Dexterously Made offers a set of four cat butt coasters which includes one white, one black, one ginger, and one grey, for $20. They have loads of positive reviews from purchasers who remarked not only how quickly they shipped but also what great quality the coasters were and what a kick they got out of them. If that’s not enough to convince you, I don’t know what is.
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