Crocs For Dogs Exist And They’re Too Cute Not To Put On Your Pup’s Paws

Crocs have never particularly been seen as fashionable, though they have experienced a resurgence as a hipster fav in recent years. More than anything, they’re functional footwear for gardeners, nurses, and other people who are on their feet a lot and want something comfortable to wear. However, imagining Crocs for dogs* never crossed my mind before now and it turns out, they actually exist and they’re super cute!

  1. Crocs for dogs are available in four colors. A brand called Geharty is behind these adorable shoes, so they’re not official Crocs, they just look pretty much exactly like them. They’re available in pink, blue, yellow, and green, so there’s something for every pup. You might even want one in every color if you’re someone who dresses your dog up – this way they have something that goes with every outfit!
  2. Don’t take your dog out in these – they’re not really for wearing! They’re more decorative than functional. As the product description reads, these dog Crocs are really just for posing your pup in and taking pictures. They should never be taken out for a walk in them or anything since that would be dangerous and they’d likely get lost. Keep it in the house, post your Insta photos, and then put them away.
  3. They’re sadly only for little dogs. The one potential downside here is that they don’t make Crocs for dogs in all sizes. Instead, they’re only one-size, and that size is pretty small. That would make them perfect for breeds like chihuahuas, jack russell terriers, westies, and other small breeds.
  4. If you want to get some of your own, head over to Amazon. As you can probably imagine, dog Crocs have proven themselves pretty popular and these sell out pretty quickly. However, when you can get a hold of them, you definitely should – they’re too cute for words!

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