Dating An Aquarius Woman: 12 Things You Should Know

Aquarian women are famous for being among the most interesting and charming signs in the zodiac. Progressive and intelligent, these women can be a lot of fun to date, and with the right person, make great partners. So what do you need to know about dating an Aquarius woman? Keep reading to find out!

She’s a social butterfly. Aquarius is one of the most social signs in the zodiac. While she has no trouble being alone, she also loves the company of others. This means that when it comes to spending time together, Aquarian women like activities where they get to interact with other people. Sometimes, they just love being surrounded by other people, so crowded venues can be a good choice for dates. She also loves group and double dates!

But she’s also independent. Although Aquarius is a social butterfly, she doesn’t depend on others. She isn’t needy in a relationship and won’t expect help with many things, as she has pretty much everything taken care of. In fact, she might even find too many offers of help to be overbearing.

She doesn’t have time for gender stereotypes. One of the most intelligent and progressive signs in the zodiac, Aquarius doesn’t really do gender stereotypes. Generally, she’ll reject most dated values. Rather than sticking to tradition, she’s more about being innovative and adopting new traditions that make sense to her.  So she’s probably not a great match for someone who is super traditional or conservative.

She prefers relationships to one-night-stands. As independent as Aquarian women are, she typically prefers committing to a relationship over one-night stands. Why? She tends to be more interested in mental stimulation than physical stimulation. It also takes her a while to feel comfortable around new people.

She doesn’t care what people think of her. Part of what makes Aquarius such an admirable sign is that she doesn’t care what people think of her. Most people like to say that they don’t care what anyone thinks, but they secretly do. Aquarius, on the other hand, really doesn’t seek approval. She has the confidence to validate herself.

She’s adventurous and fun-loving. An air sign, Aquarius doesn’t like to be stuck in one place. Rather, she craves adventure and loves experiencing new things. She can get restless easily and tends to be happier when she feels like there’s lots of variation in the way she passes the time. So try to spice up your dating routine!

She can be moody at times. There’s no avoiding it: Aquarius can be a moody sign. She’s easily frustrated, so she can go from feeling content to being super-angry in a matter of seconds. The good news is that she rarely holds a grudge!

Her behavior can be unpredictable. It’s not always easy to predict how an Aquarian woman will behave. That’s because she doesn’t often let people know what she’s really thinking or feeling. Even if you’re her partner, you might not know what’s going on in her head. So you might think she’s happy and expect her to act like it, only to be surprised when she lashes out. As you grow closer to an Aquarian woman, she’s likely to open up to you more. But it can take a while to reach this point with her.

She doesn’t care about appearances. Aquarian women aren’t shallow. She couldn’t care less how she comes across to others. You may not be a good match for her if you like to keep up with the trends and conform to what’s cool.

She thinks with her head, not her heart. Although she is a passionate sign, Aquarius tends to think with her head rather than her heart. She makes decision based on what makes the most sense, not what her desires are pushing her towards. That logical approach may work really well for some partners, but others might find her cold as a result.

She’s interesting and extraordinary. It’s often said that Aquarius is the most interesting person in any given room. That’s due to a combination of factors, including her above-average intelligence, her varied and deep interests, and her relentless ambition to achieve her goals, whatever they may be.

She takes a while to warm up to a new relationship. If you’re dating an Aquarian woman, you’re going to need patience. When she first meets new people, she tends to hold her guard up quite high. She can also seem cold and arrogant during this initial stage, as she keeps even people she really likes at arm’s length. She will eventually open up and share things with her partner, but she always takes time to warm up.

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