Dating An Aries Man: 10 Things You Should Know About This Sign

Aries men make strong, loyal, and committed partners. Though this fire sign can be a little blunt and honest at times, they are trustworthy and will do anything for their partners. Dating an Aries man will come with a lot of surprises and romantic gestures, and definitely a lot of passion. Read on to find out what else you can expect when dating an Aries man.

  1. He won’t settle with just anyone. Aries men are proud and ambitious. That means that they’re not likely to settle for just anyone. They have the courage to pursue what their hearts really want. So if an Aries man is dating you, it’s usually a sign that he really likes you.
  2. He’s independent and needs his own space. As the leader of the zodiac, Aries is super independent. Sometimes, that means he needs his own space. The more tightly you try to hold on to him and control him, the more you’ll push him away. This sign definitely doesn’t do clingy, and that’s one of the quickest ways to jeopardize your relationship.
  3. He can be impulsive. Aries is a fire sign. Like the other fire signs, that means that he tends to be impulsive. He speaks and acts without thinking, which can come across as insensitivity. He leaps without looking and asks questions later. If you’re the type of person who treads with caution, a relationship with Aries may majorly push you out of your comfort zone.
  4. He has big dreams. As one of the most courageous signs, Aries rarely lets his own limiting beliefs hold him back. He tends to dream big because he doesn’t accept that there’s anything beyond his grasp. When dating him, it’s important to support his dreams. Even if his goals seem unobtainable and outlandish to you, remember that this is a sign who works hard to get what he wants. And he usually doesn’t give up until he gets there.
  5. He works and plays hard. Aries is one of the hardest workers in the zodiac. But he also plays hard. This sign likes to have fun and have a good time. When dating someone, he can get a little bored if dates are repetitive. Be sure to add a little spontaneity to keep him hooked.
  6. He’s prone to temper tantrums. The fire sign all have fiery tempers. That means they’re prone to temper tantrums every now and then. They can lose their cool and say things they don’t mean when they get angry. But no relationship should involve you having to tiptoe around someone else’s mood swings, so be sure to set your boundaries and define what is and isn’t acceptable to you.
  7. He will forgive and forget. While fire signs do have temper tantrums, they tend to pass quickly. Aries is one to forgive and forget. He hates dwelling in the past and is always prepared to move on. Being a natural leader, he’s also not opposed to being the bigger person. If he’s done something wrong, he will usually apologize for it.
  8. He will do whatever he can to make his partner happy. Aries is one of the most loyal signs. When he is in a relationship, he tends to be fully committed to his partner and will do whatever he can to make that person happen. Nothing seems too hard for Aries. He will go above and beyond to please his partner. And if he can’t impress you, he’ll try even harder next time. As mentioned, this is one determined sign who doesn’t like to take no for an answer.
  9. He will plan surprises. Given that Aries is a spontaneous sign, he loves surprises. Expect him to plan a few surprises for you, which he hopes will charm you. While he likes to surprise his partner and sweep them off his feet, he also loves to be surprised himself. When there’s a special occasion, don’t be afraid to organize something a bit different for him. Use your imagination and plan something he won’t be expecting. That way, he’s less likely to feel stuck in a rut.
  10. He’ll say what’s on his mind. One thing about Aries is this sign doesn’t sugar-coat things. When he has to say something, he’ll just say it. This honesty can be difficult to take at times since he would typically rather say the truth than spare someone’s feelings. But at least you know that what you see is what you get with him. He’s transparent and doesn’t usually keep things from his partner. With Aries, you always know where you stand.

Things you must do when dating an Aries man if you want the relationship to work

Aries is a dynamic fire sign that may seem intense or like too much hard work at first, but if you’re willing to get to know their strange quirks, they can be one of the most loyal, loving signs out there. However, in order for a relationship with an Aries man to work, you must do these things.

  1. Keep things exciting. One of the worst qualities of Aries is that they tend to get bored quickly. That means that when you’re dating an Aries man, it may seem like he’s always on the go and always wanting to do new things. It’s not that he’s afraid of settling down, just that he’s on a constant pursuit of something exciting and different. You need to be a little spontaneous too and not get too complacent or he’s bound to lose interest.
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s nothing worse to an Aries than someone who doesn’t know how to have fun. Aries works hard but they also play hard and they want to be with someone who shares that same approach to life. Definitely hustle and do what you have to do to succeed, but know when to slow down for a hot minute and let loose as well.
  3. Encourage his dreams, no matter how big they are. When dating an Aries man, understand that he’s ambitious and will always be pursuing his goals. Even if they seem a little out of reach, never tell him that or act like it. He wants to be with someone who’s his biggest cheerleader and who believes in his potential as much as he does.
  4. Be honest and upfront. Never lie to an Aries. It’s one of the easiest ways to get them to write you off. They’ll respect you so much more for telling them the truth about something even if it is hurtful or upsetting. Have a little courage and just be real with them.
  5. Maintain your independence. Aries loves being in a relationship, but they also really treasure their independence so it’s important that you do too. Don’t expect him to drop his life just because he’s dating you, and definitely don’t give up your own for his sake. He will see this as clingy and over the top and will begin to pull away.
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