Some Dating Clichés Exist For A Reason — These 10 Are True AF

Some Dating Clichés Exist For A Reason — These 10 Are True AF ©iStock/svetikd

There’s a reason cliches are so popular — some of them are scarily accurate. Instead of waving your hand and dismissing them completely, a few of these overused phrases may be worth a second thought when it comes to your dating life. Here are 10 cliches that are actually true:

  1. “Actions speak louder than words.” What’s one of the biggest dating red flags? When someone is all talk and no action. Texting “I miss you” takes zero effort. Putting down the video games and getting off his butt to see you will show that he actually means it. Sure, it’s innocent small stuff now, but as the two of you become more serious, you’ll likely find that he won’t follow through on the big commitments, either. If he’s a great talker but isn’t willing to back his words up with corresponding actions, then it’s best to cut him loose now to avoid future disappointment.
  2. “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s the last thing we all want to hear when crap hits the fan, but life has proven time and time again that everything does, in fact, happen for a reason. Every guy who’s ghosted or dumped you (or vice versa) has shaped who you are and pointed you in a new direction with unlimited opportunities. Whether you believe in karma, fate, a higher power’s plan or simply just growing from your experiences, every bad event serves up some kind of good.
  3. “Timing is everything.” When it comes to dating, timing is critical. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than meeting a guy who could actually be your soulmate, only to hear that they’re in a relationship or moving halfway across the country. More frustrating still is when two people click, only to realize that they’re in mismatched stages in their lives and want different things. It all comes down to timing.
  4. “Trust your gut.” Your intuition is one of your most valuable assets. If your gut is telling you that something just isn’t right then don’t ignore it. Listen to it. Trust it. On the flip side, if you have a good feeling about someone you just met, even if he’s not your type, don’t hold back! That intuitive pull is signaling a genuine connection, so drop the games and continue with what feels natural.
  5. “Confidence is everything.” We’re naturally drawn to those who are happy, feel good about themselves, and are living their best life. We want in on it. We want to know their secret and be a part of it. For that reason, we’re insanely attracted to confidence. You don’t have to be a rich supermodel to be hot as hell — it’s all a state of mind. Work on building your own self-assurance and you’ll cash-in on this true AF cliché.
  6. “Love is blind.” The polite way of saying, “Love is a sneaky bitch.” If you’re that into someone then all of their faults and undesirable qualities will drop off your radar. When you’ve got it that bad you won’t notice their annoyances, bad habits, or if they happen to gain a bit of weight. And even if you did notice, chances are you would hardly care anyway.
  7. “Opposites attract.” Okay, so this one might only be partially true. Please don’t misconstrue this cliché and date someone you have nothing in common with. When it comes to personalities, though, opposites can mesh well together. If you’re naturally loud then dating someone who’s a bit on the shy side could help balance you out. As long as you have the important stuff in common, opposites can be good together.
  8. “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” Again, this is hardly what you want to hear after being dumped by someone you genuinely care for, but it’s absolutely true. So what if things didn’t work out this time? With over seven billion people walking the planet, you’re bound to stumble upon at least one person who’s right for you. Chin up and keep doing your thing!
  9. “You’ll find love when you stop looking for it.” One of the reasons that dating apps actually suck is because every person swiping right is actively looking to make a connection. When you take a break from looking for love, a few miraculous things happen: the pressure lifts, you feel more confident, and you can discover exactly what it is that you want. Almost every happy couple would agree that your ideal match will show up when you least expect him to.
  10. “You have to love yourself before you can love another.” This is one cliché that makes me cringe. It might be because the “love yourself” phrase is kind of sappy and too touchy-feely but, regardless of that nails-on-a-chalkboard feeling upon hearing it, you can’t deny that it rings true. Happy relationships can only develop between two people who are as comfortable with themselves as they are with one another. It’s important to value yourself enough to know that you should always be a priority; refuse to fall to the wayside and never lose sight of yourself.
Kait is a freelance writer and digital marketing coordinator living in Toronto. She's the founder and managing of Spark Social Agency. You can find her on Twitter @kaitshiels.