If He’s Doing These Things, He’s Super Serious About You

You never want to feel like you’re last on a guy’s list when you’re in a relationship. You want to feel like a priority — his first priority, in fact. It’s not that you want his life to revolve around you, but you do want him to consider your emotions and put your feelings above everyone else’s and no, that’s not too much to ask for. Luckily, if any of these 12 things sound familiar, it’s because you’re his #1:

He goes out of his way to Make You Happy. Think about it: How do you feel in this relationship? Does he make you happy most of the time? Are you constantly complaining or do you feel better than you’ve ever felt in a relationship? If he makes you happy, and goes out of his way to make sure you are, it’s because he truly values you. In fact, your happiness makes him happy.

He actually Makes Plans. You aren’t expected to do all of the work — he plays a role in the relationship, too. He takes the time to plan dates and surprise you with romantic gestures. Not to mention, his plans are never last minute. He doesn’t call you randomly Saturday night asking to hang out in an hour. He plans ahead because he wants to make sure you guys spend time together.

He Texts Back. When you text him, he responds — maybe not immediately, but he’ll always respond. He doesn’t play games, which means you never feel like you’re “waiting” for a text back that might never come. There’s never a doubt in your mind that he’ll respond to you when he has a free minute.

He Goes Out Of His Way To See You. If someone wants to see you, they’ll make the time to see you. It’s as simple as that. He does that, regardless of how busy or tired he is. He’ll go out of his way to see you. Why? Because he wants to. Not because you have to ask or threaten to break up with him.

He Helps You. Sure, he’ll fix the drain in your sink and hang artsy pictures up on your wall whenever you ask, but he’ll also help you with more important things. He’ll give you advice on your career and help you through the fight you’re having with your bestie. He’s there for you and you feel like you can rely on him for anything.

He proudly introduces you to the people in his life. He goes out of his way to introduce you to the people as his girlfriend. He’s the one who planned the dinner for you to meet his parents. He loves that he’s in a relationship with you and he wants the world to know.

He Cares About What Happens In The Bedroom. He’s a guy! He likes (LOVES) to have sex, but that’s not all he cares about. He’s definitely invested in what happens in the bedroom, but he doesn’t want things to get stale and he always wants you to finish. He makes sure the two of you are always experimenting and connecting in between the sheets.

You never worry about what he’s up to when you’re not around. In other words, he’s loyal. You aren’t worried about him cheating on you when he gets drunk and you aren’t checking his phone to make sure he’s not swiping right or left on other females. You trust him 100 percent.

He Considers Your Feelings. Before he makes a decision, he thinks about you. You play an important role in his life. You’re a couple, which makes you a team, so naturally, he’s not going to make any big decisions without going over them with you first.

He Remembers the Little Things About You. Your favorite color, movie, book, and flower — he knows and remembers little things about you. You don’t have to remind him when your birthday is and you don’t have to worry about him forgetting your anniversary. He has these dates ingrained in his memory, too.

He Takes You Everywhere. If he’s invited to a co-workers birthday party, he brings you with him. If his friends want to go on a Vegas trip, he invites you to come along. He likes spending time with you and he’s not afraid of people saying he’s “whipped” or “over-invested.”

He Doesn’t Make You Feel Crazy. You’ve been in relationships before that have been pretty one-sided. You were the one trying and doing all of the work. You’d always text and rant about your feelings. It felt like none of these guys gave a crap about you or the relationship, which made you do crazy things! But in this relationship, you don’t feel like you care more than he does. The relationship feels even, equal, and perfect. Of course, nothing’s perfect… but this seems pretty damn close.

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