Don’t Get Caught In A Dating Emergency Without These 10 Things

Don’t Get Caught In A Dating Emergency Without These 10 Things ©iStock/Guasor

When you head out to meet a new guy for the first time, you’ll probably be a little more than nervous. You’re constantly worried you’ll get food in your teeth or that your breath will stink — or God forbid you get your period and don’t have a tampon. The fact is, dating emergencies happen, but if you keep these 10 things in your purse, you’ll handle them with ease.

  1. Tums. Nerves, adrenaline and yesterday’s Thai food can all threaten to upset your stomach, give you gas, and force your stomach to make gross noises. It can’t hurt to keep some travel-sized antacids in your bag just in case. Plus, the fruity ones don’t taste too bad and can freshen your breath a bit.
  2. Extra underwear. This is a good thing to have in general, because you never know when your period might surprise you. If you’re cool going commando, then this might not matter to you, but if having a sexy pair on for him to remove later matters, then keep one in your car or bag.
  3. Toothbrush. You never know when you might accidentally spend the night and need to go meet your mother for brunch the next morning, and mouthwash just wont cut it. Or, if you have too much garlic at dinner and want a hot makeout sesh after, this will come in handy — no one likes garlic breath, after all.
  4. Condoms. This is a must. Guys suck and will use this as an excuse to get down without wrapping it up first. So next time he says he doesn’t have a condom, you can say you have one, so no worries. Just make sure it isn’t expired, because the latex can be impacted and stop working the way that it should.
  5. Deodorant. When you’re nervous, you get sweaty, and you don’t want stress sweat to make you stink. Get a little travel size deodorant and don’t be afraid to reapply. A little bit of baby powder over your deo can help if you sweat a lot.
  6. Face and body wipes. These are multipurpose. They can make sure you stay fresh all over, help you clean stray makeup off of your face and wipe up anything that perhaps you don’t want lingering on your skin. They’re great for the morning after if you feel weird showering at his place, too.
  7. Tampons. You should always have these anyway, but they’re truly helpful when dating. If you’re not using a condom (which you should be, but hey, I don’t judge) these can help contain any leftovers from your extracurricular activity. Just don’t use it if you don’t have to.
  8. Phone charger. A dead phone blows. It is possible he doesn’t have the same phone as you, and you never know if you’re phone might die — especially if you’re out later than you intended. Bring your charger with you. This is as much for practicality as it is for safety. You always want to be able to call for help if you need it, or an Uber if you need that.
  9. Pepper Spray. Not to be a downer, but some guys are creeps. Keep this in your bag in case things go wrong.
  10. Hand mirror. These are small and can help you make sure you don’t have any spinach in your teeth, or eyeliner on your cheeks. It also serves as a way to check behind you on your walk home to make sure no one is creeping up on you. #creepersgonnacreep.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314