DoorDash Customer Has Tires Slashed By Delivery Driver After Failing To Tip

While I do think it should be up to employers to pay workers a living wage so that they don’t have to rely on tips, the fact is that service industry workers who are paid peanuts shouldn’t have to suffer because of a boss’ greed. That means tipping culture is a thing and we just have to deal with it. However, one DoorDash driver took it pretty badly when she didn’t receive a trip from a recent customer, getting her revenge by slashing the customer’s car tires.

In a video posted on TikTok by @k_evans78, a DoorDash driver can be seen dropping off a case of bottled water to a home in Lubbock. However, the customer appeared to be unhappy with the “poor service” they received and decided not to tip. So, the driver decided they’d use a rock to destroy the homeowner’s car tires.

While this is clearly not okay, many commenters actually sided with the driver and said the customer should have tipped if they didn’t want their property damaged.



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“If the tip isn’t already on the order im not taking it! Go get your own shit if u dnt wanna tip,” one person wrote. Another added: “Yeah I’m on his side. U telling me u expect someone to go to the store for u, get u heavy waters, & u have the nerve to not tip & play victim?”

It’s understandable that the driver would be pissed off that they wasted their time and energy and basically made nothing from the job. However, does that really give her the right to slash the customer’s tires? It seems pretty extreme.

At the time of writing, DoorDash hasn’t commented on the video and it’s unaware if the company is even aware of its existence. However, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this…

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