Driver Fined For Using Carpool Lane With Skeleton Passenger

Texas police have revealed that they recently ticketed a driver using the carpool lane on the Katy Tollway using a skeleton Halloween toy as a passenger. The Harris County Constable’s Precinct 5 shared an image of the “passenger” on its Facebook page, and the image certainly made people laugh.

The driver certainly wasn’t very convincing. The skeleton wasn’t likely to ever be confused for a real, live passenger, and minimal effort was made to make it appear otherwise. However, it did have a pretty cool baseball hat on.

Safety first! The one good thing is that the driver did at least buckle the real-life skeleton in, which is definitely a good thing since they were driving in the faster carpool lane. Safety is paramount!

Even the police could see the funny side. As Officer Ted Heap wrote captioned the post: “Our deputies saw right through the ruse and issued the driver a bone-afide citation. After a sternum lecture, deputies wished him bone voyage!” Nice one! While this was definitely a silly stunt, no harm was done (except to the driver’s wallet) and everyone got a chuckle out of it, that’s for sure.

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