Dunkin’ Donuts Snackin’ Bacon Is The Easiest And Tastiest Snack Ever

Dunkin’ Donuts Snackin’ Bacon Is The Easiest And Tastiest Snack Ever Dunkin' Donuts

Is there anything tastier than bacon? It has that wonderful umami quality of salty sweetness that defies explanation and pleases the palate and while I’m definitely leaning away from eating much meat these days, bacon is my one occasional exception. However, I often find that even when I’m craving it, I don’t have time to make it before heading out the door in the morning. Thankfully, Dunkin’ Donuts has just released Snackin’ Bacon that solves that problem for me.

  1. Dunkin’ has always been killing the breakfast game. I know it’s not the healthiest, but I have been known to hit up a sausage, egg, and cheese croissant and an order of hash browns with my large iced Turbo. (Ugh, I want one now just talking about it!) Their breakfast range is always pretty reliable and adding Snackin’ Bacon to the game is taking things to the next level.
  2. Could eating bacon be any more convenient? Dunkin’s new Snackin’ Bacon comes with eight half-strips (so four full strips) of bacon in a paper bag, making it easy to chow down while you’re on the go. Whether you have to hop on the train or you’re getting in your car, you can get your salty, meaty fix without worrying about, well, anything.
  3. Snackin’ Bacon comes with a Sweet Black Pepper seasoning. While bacon is delicious enough on its own, Dunkin’ is kicking it up a notch by adding a special seasoning. “Our Snackin’ Bacon starts its journey smoked with natural cherrywood,” the product description reads. “It’s then treated to our sweet and savory blend of brown sugar and black pepper seasoning, creating a delightfully caramelized bacon our fans know and love from our Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.” Ugh, anyone else getting hungry?
  4. It’s available all day! While bacon is generally a breakfast food, Dunkin’ serves this up all day long, so if you’re having a mid-afternoon slump and need a bacon pick-me-up, you can have it! Just pop into your local store and order away and bacon goodness is yours.
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