Dunkin’ Will Start Selling Its Pumpkin-Flavored Fall Lineup Next Week

Dunkin’ Will Start Selling Its Pumpkin-Flavored Fall Lineup Next Week Dunkin'

It may only be August, but it’s never too early to start getting ready for autumn. Dunkin’ certainly thinks so, as they’ll be debuting their fall lineup next week. It’s full of all your favorite pumpkin-flavored food and beverages as well as some other cold weather additions that pretty much everyone will love. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait!

  1. The pumpkin-flavored goodness is here for all your beverage needs. Dunkin’ thankfully has a pumpkin-flavored swirl that can be added to everything from iced coffee, cold brew, and espresso to frozen coffee or frozen chocolate and more. Any beverage on the menu can be pumpkin-ified, and that’s always alright by me.
  2. The snack choices are on point. In addition to bringing back their apple cider donut and munchkins, there’s also the pumpkin donuts and munchkin as well as a maple sugar bacon breakfast sandwich that sounds out of this world delicious. These may be my favorite items on Dunkin’s entire fall lineup. That sandwich in particular has five slices of maple sugar bacon, white cheddar, and an egg on a croissant and I’m hungry just writing about it.
  3. There will be some other items added as well. In addition to the fall items added to Dunkin’s lineup, there are some other yummy snacks to try out as well including mini bagels stuffed with cream cheese and a steak and cheese roll-up. The options are endless and frankly, the only problem I have is figuring out what to order first.
  4. Dunkin’s fall lineup goes on sale on August 19. That’s less than a week to wait until you can get a hold of some delicious fall-flavored treat and pretend the weather isn’t gross and disgusting and that it’s cool, the leaves have changed colors, and life is hopefully a bit less sucky than it has been lately. Pumpkin-flavored treats will certainly help.
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