10 Easy Ways To Find Out If He’s Serious About You

It’s easy to get caught up on all the things a guy says about wanting something real with you. If you really want to know if he’s prepared to make his relationship with you the real deal, there are a few simple things he can do to prove it to you.

  1. He shows you off on social media. He doesn’t have to post mushy-gushy photos with you every day for this to apply. Even just one post or picture sends a message to the world that, yep, he’s with you now. In today’s world, this is his way of telling the people that he knows that he’s not only off the market but proud to be with you.
  2. He sticks to the plans he makes with you. Talking about the future (both near and distant) is easy — sticking with those plans takes real commitment. You don’t have to be “official” or discussing marriage for him to show you that he means what he says, either. This can be as simple as him asking if you want to get together over the weekend, setting an actual time and place, and showing up when he says he will. This may seem like a low bar to set, but there are plenty of guys out there who make half-baked plans that they bail on later just to keep you dangling on a string.
  3. He tells you the truth even if he thinks it may scare you off. In the early stages of a relationship, we all try to show off our best selves. It would be weird for a guy to dump all his baggage on you during the first date, but after some time, it’s acceptable to let that shield down and let the person you’re dating see your less polished sides. A guy is taking a big risk if he tells you about his toxic family or his unsavory past. He knows it might scare you off, and whether or not you decide it’s all something you can deal with, it’s still a sign that he sees you as more than just a fling.
  4. His friends start adding you on Facebook. We all know that it’s a positive sign if he has you meet his buddies, but it’s even better if they start trying to become your friends too. If they start following you on social media, it’s a good indication that they expect you to be around for a while and want to build their own platonic relationships with you.
  5. He invites you to try his hobbies. Hobbies are almost sacred when it comes to our personal development. When you invite someone to go to your favorite indoor rock climbing place with you or introduce them to your favorite video game, you’re truly bringing them into your world. If a guy tries to get you involved in his hobbies, that’s a major display of trust. There’s no way he’d risk tainting something he loves so much if he thought you two were only going to last another week or two.
  6. He has you keep clothes or toiletries at his place. It’s an unspoken rule of the universe that bobby pins, hair ties, and toothbrushes are a woman’s way of marking her territory. We may leave these things at a guy’s house “accidentally,” but when he specifically asks you to leave necessities and a change of clothes at his house “just in case,” that’s a big deal. This signifies that one, he expects you to be over at his place regularly, and two, he’s probably not having any other girls over that could become aware of your presence in his life.
  7. He takes you on dates near his house. A guy who expects to be hopping from girl to girl probably won’t want to take his date to the local diner where he’s friends with the entire staff. Take it as a good sign if he wants to get coffee with you at the cafe just down the street from his place. Again, it means he’s proud of showing you off, but it also indicates that he’s not worried about you two running into someone who might ask him about the other girl he brought there just last week.
  8. He makes sacrifices for you. They don’t have to be big (or human) sacrifices — just something that indicates he’s willing to invest in you. This can be as simple as driving you to the airport for a work trip even though it’s out of his way or having you stay over at his place after you had a rough day even though he has to work early in the morning. When someone makes decisions based on your happiness rather than his own, it’s because he wants to show you that you’re truly important to him.
  9. His asks for your opinions and advice. If a guy still thinks of himself as single, he’s going to make his tough decisions alone or with the help of his friends and family. Once he starts viewing you as his partner, he’ll start to consult you on his personal matters. Pay attention if he starts asking you how you’d resolve a conflict he’s having with his friend or having you proofread his work emails — it means he puts a lot of stock into what you think.
  10. He spends time with you even when he knows he won’t get laid. If a guy just sees you as something casual, he’s probably not going to bother coming over to bring you soup when you’re laid up in bed with the flu. A man who thinks there’s a future with you wants more than just sex, and he won’t think twice about spending time with you even if he knows that both of you will definitely stay fully clothed the whole time.
Diana is a writer and waitress living in Tennessee with her "fur family" (two cats and a ferret). When she's not working, you can find her hiking, cooking, or taking really long naps.