Fake Marriage Proposals Are A Popular TikTok Prank, But Not Everyone Is Amused

There’s not a lot people won’t do for the sake of going viral online. And while there’s a lot of fun, harmless stuff on TikTok, some of the trends that have spouted up on the video-sharing app have been upsetting, harmful, or even downright dangerous. One of the less serious but still obnoxious trends picking up steam is the fake marriage proposal, and while the guys who do it think it’s all in good fun, the women they’re in relationships with don’t really disagree.

The fake marriage proposal is exactly what it sounds like: A guy gets down on bended knee and acts as if he’s going to romantically ask for his girlfriend to marry him. However, it’s all for the camera and the online lolz — he’s not really proposing at all. “Love Island” star Will “Farmer Will” Young and influencer Darren Clegg admit to pulling this stunt, and fitness trainer Fiona Simpson says her boyfriend has also done it. If no one’s laughing, why do these guys think this is funny?

Young joked that his “beige flag” is that he fake proposes “whenever we get a random person to take our picture.” He added, “I think if I carry on fake proposing, she won’t believe me when I do.”


I think if i carry on fake proposing- she wont belive me when i do

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Clegg’s girlfriend appeared in one of his TikTok videos laughing off his repeated fake proposals. She seemed to be taking his behavior in her stride, but comments were unimpressed.

“Don’t! My partner kept doing this and when he did propose, I walked off,” one person wrote. Another added, “This is a red flag to me… do not mess with my feelings like that. This is not a joking matter.” A third person said, “Imagine she says no when you actually do. Teach you a lesson.”

I swear, the internet has turned us all into weirdos.


I joke to much the day if shes lucky enough i do propose😉😂 she wont believe me😂😂

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