My Friends Wrote My Tinder Bio & I’ve Gotten Way More Dates Because Of It

I was tired of having a boring Tinder profile that was basically like everyone else’s so I asked my girls to help. I trusted them to make me look as good as possible and to do it in style and they didn’t disappoint.  The results of their efforts were fabulous and I wonder why I didn’t ask them to step in sooner.

  1. It made me nervous but I trusted them. Of course, I was nervous taking down my trusty profile and putting up something else that was a bit bold and that I hadn’t actually written myself. It was nerve-wracking to be so vulnerable too but I trusted my friends’ judgment and that they only had my best interests in mind. Why not take a leap of faith? I figured it’d be worth it if it would land me with someone worth my time.
  2. It reminded me of how awesome I am. What they wrote was totally amazing! They painted me in such a good light because they truly believe I’m an awesome person. They gave me a bit of a confidence boost and reminded me of all of the things that are great about me. Sure, I don’t need other people to validate me in order to feel like I’m enough, but it definitely helps!
  3. They were more honest than I would have been. There were certain things that they put that I definitely wouldn’t have put myself. They wrote that I was “very cute” which seems so silly but was nice to have it on there. They were definitely more honest and vulnerable than I usually am when I’m writing the profiles myself.
  4. I was reminded that my friends are funny as hell. I like to think I have a solid sense of humor I’m not quite as funny as my friends, and I’m OK with that. The way they put my bio together just makes for a good laugh. They even included “cries a lot” because it’s quite accurate. Who doesn’t want to have a laugh while they’re reading through Tinder? I know I would.
  5. Letting my friends take over made me stand out instead of feeling like a part of the crowd. Swiping through Tinder can be a snore going through similar bios over and over again. So many women put a lot of the same stuff (guys too), so it’s nice to have a bio that was unique and out of the ordinary. I’ve generally had the same profile for a long time, so it was cool to have something new.
  6. My friends just want to see me succeed in dating. Ultimately, they just want the best for me. They want me to find a delightful partner that I can settle down with. Any way that they can help with that, they’re happy to do. It’s almost like having a hand in playing matchmaker—they get to help with my search. They even may help me succeed in dating with their kind and funny words.
  7. I got a good response from nice people. I felt like the profile was a magnet for good people. I got a stellar response from some genuinely wonderful people. I can’t say that the words in my profile were what attracted them, but I’m sure they had something to do with it. Regardless, I had some seriously cute and sweet people ending up in my inbox.
  8. I think it filtered out people I don’t want. The “cries a lot” bit probably scared away lots of people. If it did I say good riddance, they wouldn’t belong in my life anyway if they couldn’t handle me crying. Honesty is always a good way to filter out what I don’t want because once people get a look at who I really am they’ll choose to leave or stay. I just wave to those who choose to go.
  9. I ultimately felt good about it. I’d recommend having friends write your profile that you trust and you think would be good at it. Those two pieces are really important. I ended up loving the results of them writing my new profile out. It gave me a good laugh and gave me the warm and tinglies thinking that I’m seen in such a good way. I had confidence in bringing the profile to the dating game, even thinking it may give me a competitive edge for creativity. It hasn’t totally paid off yet but I have faith.
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