Pregnant Woman’s Gender Reveal Backfires After She Forgets Partner Is Color Blind

A pregnant woman’s gender reveal for her boyfriend and dad-to-be failed because she forgot he’s color blind. While TikToker @jennacowann thought it would be a heartwarming moment for her and her partner to discover the sex of their baby, it didn’t go quite to plan since she hadn’t taken that one very important thing into account.


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  1. Her boyfriend literally had no idea what was going on. While the confetti cannon Jen had her boyfriend set off was filled with pink confetti, signifying the couple was going to have a baby girl, her partner was none the wiser. Because he couldn’t tell what color had come out of the popper, he immediately asked, “What is it?”
  2. His response was absolutely precious. Despite the confetti not being particularly revealing for him, Jenna’s boyfriend still seemed overjoyed to be learning more about their baby. Jen of course staged a verbal gender reveal by telling her color blind boyfriend that they were having a daughter.
  3. Commenters on TikTok thought the clip was adorable. One person described Jen’s boyfriend as “a keeper” because of his enthusiasm, while others were touched by how excited he was despite not seeing the color of the confetti. Given how over-the-top and eye roll-worthy gender reveals can be these days, Jen’s was so adorable that it actually made people smile.
  4. It’s clear these two are happy to be parents. While it seemed strange to some commenters that Jen could forget that her partner is color blind, most people simply saw the joyous side of it: the fact that the couple are so looking forward to becoming parents together. Many people reached out to express their well-wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy, while others couldn’t help praising them for being so “cute.”
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