‘World’s Hottest Grandma’ Says She Exposes Her Genitals To The Sun To Increase ‘Sexual Energy’ And Stay Young

A model who’s been dubbed the “world’s hottest grandma” has revealed that she stays so youthful by exposing her bare genitals to the sun every day. Gina Stewart, 51, told her Instagram followers that “only a few minutes a day can have increased health benefits” including but not limited to increased “sexual energy” as well as youthful hormones.


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  1. The sun has many powers. In addition to claiming that letting your nether regions back in the warmth of that flaming star in the sky will keep you young and make you hot in the sack, Stewart claims that “sunlight improves genital function” because UV rays are “germicidal” and keep her clean.
  2. Don’t worry, she takes precautions. While many commenters warned Stewart that she could be putting herself in a very dangerous situation, she assured everyone that she partakes in the process safely. “Personally I try to get sunlight throughout the week for a greater feeling of well-being and never allow myself to get burnt,” she said.
  3. Sunlight isn’t the only thing Stewart relies on to outrun Father Time. She also swears by green tea, as she recently told the Daily Star. “It’s one of my favorite and one of the cheapest ways to stay healthy,” she shared. “A cup of green tea each day, perfect hot or cold. Numerous health benefits and extremely high in antioxidants.”
  4. Stewart is very against artificial fillers and cosmetic surgery. I suppose that’s why she feels “natural” methods like sunlight and green tea are much more beneficial. Hey, whatever works for you!

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