To The Guy Who Didn’t Have The Balls To Break Up With Me

I never pegged you as the type that could be so gutless. I can’t believe you left me the way you did, but I’m also grateful that you showed me who you really are sooner rather than later. You might not have had the balls to break up with me, but luckily for you, I have the courage to tell you how I feel about it.

  1. We had history, and I deserved more.It wasn’t as if we dated just a short time. We had an extensive history. We shared time, energy, secrets together. Even though what we had may have been broken, it still deserved more than a delete button. You can’t erase the time we had together like you erased me so easily.
  2. I never knew that your level of cowardice existed.I really never imagined that you would end it the way you did, which was no ending at all. I can’t fathom how anyone could think that was OK. I have so many questions, but mostly I know that the only logical answer is that you’re a complete and utter coward.
  3. You have the right to your happiness and I have the right to mine.I had a right to be treated fairly. I had a right to know the reasons why things weren’t working for you anymore. You gave me neither, but I’m making the conscious decision to get over it, to move on, and be happy.
  4. You’re a special kind of a-hole.It takes a special level of savage to make the exit you did. It probably took just as much effort to reject my calls as it would to have to muster up the decency, not to mention the balls, to answer and just tell me you couldn’t see me again. I got the message eventually through prolonged silence, but the stress and heartache you put me through before I finally came to terms with it will stick with me forever.
  5. One day you’ll be sorry you inflicted that kind of pain onto someone.You might not see it today, and you might still think you escaped without having to deal with my reaction, but one day in your life you might hold a daughter in your arms. You might wipe tears from her face someday as someone she cared about ghosts from her life completely. In that moment, I hope you think of me.
  6. You weren’t perfect, either.You tried to play it off like I was crazy for lighting up your phone with confusion. “Where did you go? Are you seriously ending us this way? How could you do this? Just tell me what’s going on.” But there was nothing. No reply, and no remorse. Look in the mirror before you throw stones from your glass house.
  7. I went on to do amazing things without you.It took me a while to shake what you put me through, I won’t deny it. I sunk into deep fits of grief with the questions you left unanswered., but eventually, I got over it. I moved on, and I saw new levels of my limitless sky. I’m doing amazing things for myself now. I’m happier without you around, but it doesn’t change the blip you made in my life.
  8. P.S. Screw you.This is the part where I would usually bid good luck to your future. I would say take care and that I wish you the best and that I hope that you’re happy, but the truth is, I don’t really give a damn. I’m better off without you, so thank you for not breaking up with me. Thank you for showing me your spineless ways. Let’s be clear — it’s me who’s better off without you.