Guys, Your Girlfriend Isn’t A “Nag” Just Because She Wants You To Put Some Effort Into The Relationship

I hear a lot of guys complain that their girlfriends are nags. By definition, nagging is annoying, unnecessary, and definitely not a positive thing. However, in a relationship, it happens a lot of the time because someone isn’t doing their fair share. Guys, before you call your girlfriend a nag, try and consider that she just wants you to step up and do better.

  1. Running a household takes two. Your girlfriend isn’t your live-in maid so when you neglect to do your part, she’s left to do it all. When she reminds you that she needs your help with something once, that should be the end of it but more often than not, the women that get the nag label are the ones who ask their boyfriends nicely to help and it falls on deaf ears. Why is it so hard to do it the first time, or better yet, why does she even need to remind you at all?
  2. You shouldn’t need to be nagged if you’re a true grown adult. Part of being a proper adult means you take care of business and just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean she assumes the nitty gritty roles, leaving you to lounge on the couch on your sweatpants. A great relationship is about teamwork and working together to keep things running smoothly will only make you happier, so why bother resisting in the first place?
  3. “I’ll do it later” is almost always a lie. There are some guys out there who are notorious for using the “I’ll do it later” line and it only adds insult to injury. If she’s working her butt off taking care of your life together and asks you to assist, why do you feel like you’re entitled to relax while she tackles all the responsibility? She deserves downtime just as much as you do.
  4. You don’t realize all the little things she’s doing in between the grunt work. In between all the regular household responsibilities, she’s also doing a ton of the small stuff that you don’t realize—things like thoughtfully picking up your milk when she knows you’ve run out or picking up your empty glasses all over the house and picking up the socks that you drop onto the floor literally beside the laundry basket. Just because she picks up after you doesn’t mean she enjoys it or that you should grow accustomed to her doing it 100% of the time. Try shooting hoops with your socks and get them actually into the basket or pick up your own milk and ask her if she needs anything while you’re at it.
  5. If she’s nagging you, it’s because she’s exhausted AF and needs you to help. Look, we get it. Life gets hard sometimes and some days take a lot of energy out of you. It’s totally cool if once in a while, you just need a time-out to relax, but when it becomes a daily habit that persists for weeks and months on end, it becomes a slap in the face to her. If your girlfriend works and has responsibilities of her own on top of your life together, she’s also exhausted AF and when you leave her with all the grunt work, you only make things worse for her. Again, she’s your girlfriend, not your maid.
  6. Is it really that hard to pick up after yourself? If you’ve been asked this question multiple times by your girlfriend, you might want to examine how you’re handling yourself.
  7. She works hard to keep your life happy and you should do the same. Most girlfriends are hardwired with that nurturing urge so believe me when I say she works overtime to make you happy and thinks a lot about ways to make your lives together even happier. When you slack on your responsibilities, it shows her you really don’t care as much about her and that can tear even the strongest of women down after a while. A good man elevates his partner and it’s as simple as being her partner in life in all ways, not just through a relationship status.
  8. It’s called respect. Women feel disrespected by their boyfriends through a lot more than just name calling but when you call her a nag repeatedly when she’s simply just at her wits end in getting you to help her, it’s completely disrespectful to her and all the things she does for you. Calling your girlfriend a nag when it’s you that’s neglecting your responsibilities is just another form of gas lighting. In other words, you’re deflecting the real problem by making her feel like it’s her fault and she’s to blame. Not cool.
  9. She wants the best for you and the two of you as a team. If you think your girlfriend is a nag, it’s only because you commonly fail to rise to the occasion she’s reminding you of in the first place. It shouldn’t be frowned upon to ask your partner for help but when you dismiss her and don’t take her first request seriously, you create the nagging problem yourself. All your girlfriend wants is for you to work together and get the things that need to be done accomplished so that you can spend the rest of your time enjoying life together. It’s really that easy.
  10. Girlfriends don’t enjoy nagging, so stop fighting back and do your part. This goes hand in hand with the crazy label guys like to routinely throw at women when something less than sunshine and rainbows comes out of her. Women, under no circumstances, enjoy being angry or upset at the man that they love. They want harmony just as much as you do so instead of being stubborn and acting entitled to your own downtime over hers, why not just step up and be a better man to her? It’s really quite simple. If you don’t want your girlfriend to nag, you need to step up and do a little better.