To The Guys Who Make Promises They Can’t Keep

You tell us you’ll love us forever, that you’re all in on this relationship and that you’d never betray us — and guess what? We believe you. You don’t think that means anything — at least not to you — but to us it means everything, and that’s why you’re a piece of crap for making promises you seemingly had no intention of keeping.

Did you know your promise was empty when you made it?

Did you just say it to make us feel good, or for a single moment did you really mean it? You need to start taking the things that come out of your mouth a little more seriously because we do.

Do you ever feel guilty?

Do you even realize the damage you’re doing? When you tell us you love us, we believe you and we don’t take that lightly. You need to stop thinking of love and relationships as casual. There is nothing “casual” about it. You’re breaking hearts left and right like it’s nothing, but it’s everything — at least you were everything to us.

How many victims have suffered at your hand?

Are you keeping count? Are they just notches in your belt, or do you see these women as actual human beings? Women want to believe what you say; we want to believe you’re better than all the rest and you prey on that hope. You see it as a weakness, and one by one you take advantage with no remorse.

Someday we’ll forget your sorry ass.

Now that’s a promise. You can only play your game for so long before all of your girls move on. You’ll be nothing but an unfortunate memory, a mistake, and you’ll have used up all your chances. Then what will you have? You’ll be left with no one but yourself, and worse than that, you’ll deserve it.

All you have is your word…

But yours means nothing. How could it mean anything when every word that comes out of your mouth is a lie? You go into relationships expecting trust, but you don’t deserve it. For you, lying is as natural as breathing. You feed us a bowl of lies and we eat it up. That makes you a piece of crap.

Why do you say things you don’t mean?

It’s not about your mommy’s rule of, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” It’s that if you can’t be honest, then you should shut the hell up. No woman wants to hear your lies. No woman deserves to be counting on the promises you don’t keep. If you’re not going to mean what you say, then please, don’t say anything at all.

What do you get out of this?

You make us happy for a moment and then crush our spirits like a fly. Does it turn you on? Are you that sick that feeding us BS actually gets you hard? If you don’t really love us, then you’re just screwing with us and you love to make us think it’s something more. You’re pathetic.

You deserve to have someone mess with your heart too.

Let’s turn the tables, tit for tat. How would you like some girl to make you promises and lead you on by letting you believe there’s a future for the two of you? The answer is, you wouldn’t. So why would you do that to someone else? Your words meant something to us, but in the end, your promise was empty.

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