Halloween-Obsessed Woman Spends $2,000 On Spooky Home Decorations

Halloween is, without a doubt, one of the best holidays. First of all, it happens during a season known for being sweater weather (let’s keep it that way, global warming!), which is always a plus. It also tends to include lots of other great things like candy, pumpkin spice everything, and scary movies, just to name a few things. It’s no wonder, then, that 32-year-old Elise Neace from Antwerp, Ohio, is totally obsessed with the October 31 holiday. She loves it so much that she’s spent $2,000 on Halloween decorations for her house!

  1. Neace has always loved Halloween and everything it entails. She said she started watching scary movies when she was only 3 years old and has been a fan of Samhain ever since. In fact, she celebrates the big day year ‘round!
  2. When she got her own house six years ago, she knew just how she wanted to decorate it. She began buying Halloween-themed decorations pretty much right away and has spent $2,000 over the years getting the rooms up to scratch. Today, she has three full rooms in her house dedicated to Halloween decor: her living room, bedroom, and dining room.
  3. Elise Neace’s husband isn’t all that into Halloween. Zach, 32, works in a factory and has no real opinions on the holiday. However, he did tell her that he “didn’t care” how she decorated the house, so she took that as a green light to make her wildest dreams come true.
  4. She hopes to be able to decorate the entire house eventually. While only three rooms are Halloween-themed at the minute, she wants to transform the whole house over time. It’s taken six years just to do the three rooms, however, so it’s a transformation that will likely take time.
  5. Everyone who comes over seems to love the space. While not everyone is into celebrating Halloween at all times of the year (or at all), Elise’s friends and family seem to support her. “Most people love it,” she told SWNS (via Fox News). “They know who I am and that it makes me happy.”


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