Even If You Hate Sports, Here Are 9 Things To Love About Being With A Guy Who Loves Them

For many of us, sports are boring AF. Who wants to sit around watching sports on TV when we could be binge watching Parks and Recreation for the third time or catching up on Real Housewives? Who wants to go to a game with a bunch of loud rowdy fans when we could be brunching with mimosas? If you’re dating a dude who’s really into sports, you know he can really get into a game—so what’s in it for you?

  1. The Food Sports are wonderfully associated with the kind of quality, treat yo’self junk food that dreams are made of. I can’t understand the specifics of football to save my life, but I look forward to watching every Sunday because my boyfriend and I order wings while we watch. The Super Bowl is the height of gluttony with pizza, mozzarella sticks, potato skins, fries and more. For baseball, there’s the added bonus of hot dogs when you head out to the ballpark.
  2. The Booze What’s the food without some drinks? If sports really bore you that much, you can always rock a nice buzz to get through it. Big tailgates revolve around drinking into oblivion. And if you’re watching at home, you can always keep some beer or hard cider in the fridge. Turn it into a drinking game with your guy—or if he’s too involved with the actual game, with yourself.
  3. The Men If you can’t find an interest in anything else, I’m certain you can find a guy to crush on. There is something so attractive about a pro-athlete in his element. The masculinity and intensity are a little hard to resist, so if anything, at least you have a favorite player to pay attention to. No matter the sport, there’s always a stud.
  4. The competitive aspect If you’re the kind of girl that enjoys a little competition in her life, sports will be way easier for you to get into. If you like the same team as your guy, that’s great. Get aggressive and enthusiastic along with him. If you don’t have a team preference, you could root for the opposing team just for fun. Guys can get very attached to their teams and take it very seriously. It could give you a little something to hold over his head and tease him with when your team kicks his team’s ass.
  5. The potential to make some $$$ Another great way to make sports more fun is betting. Even if you don’t bet on actual game statistics, which I can’t understand anyway, there are tons of different ways you could bet. You could simply bet on the outcome, on the players’ or coaches’ reactions, on how many times the announcers say a certain word, or how many times people in the stands make stupid faces into the cameras. Get creative with it and the possibilities are endless.
  6. The atmosphere of a live game/match It’s one thing to watch sports on TV but going to an actual game takes it to another level. Yes, it can get loud and rowdy, but it makes the whole experience so much more engaging. It gives you and your guy an excuse to get out of the house. You can make a day of it and meet up with friends or just go the two of you. It’s so much more exciting to be around other fans and makes the sport itself way more entertaining.
  7. The connection It’s important to show interests in your guy’s interests. You don’t have to become a die-hard fan, but if he’s a sports guy, you’re in for a season anyway so might as well try. If you can’t understand the intricacies of plays or why a call was made, ask him. Odds are he’d love to explain it to you and get to talk about it more. It will make him feel good that you are showing interest, and hopefully, that will get reciprocated for you.
  8. The bonding opportunities I don’t have much interest in a lot of sports. However, baseball is my exception. I’m a hardcore Yankee fan and so is my boyfriend. It’s so much fun to have that to share together. We’re rarely on the same page when it comes to picking a movie, so it’s great to have something we easily and mutually enjoy. We’re rooting for the same team and have each other to talk about the players and the games.
  9. The easy gift-giving aspect If you have a sports-loving guy, you’re so lucky because you’ll always have a fallback for gift giving. Tickets are a great gift if you can swing it and even if you don’t want to go, he can always take a friend. Apparel has lots of options with jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and more. And if you end up becoming a fan and liking a sport, these can make great gift ideas for you too!
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