If He’s Really Crazy About You, He’ll Never Leave Doubt In Your Mind About His Feelings

If He’s Really Crazy About You, He’ll Never Leave Doubt In Your Mind About His Feelings iStock/PeopleImages

We’ve all been there — that weird stage when you first start to get to know a guy you’re interested in and you’re wondering whether or not there’s a future for the two of you. The thing is, if a guy is really into you, you won’t have to wonder because he won’t leave any doubt in your mind about the way he’s feeling. Here’s how you’ll know:

  1. He straight-up tells you. Compared to women, men tend to be much more straightforward about their feelings, believe it or not. If this guy is really crazy about you, he’ll tell you, trust me. He’ll constantly be just overwhelmed with the joy of being with you and he’ll repeatedly be telling you how happy he is and how much he likes you. It’ll become something you hear a lot.
  2. He actually listens to things you say. Just like some women, men definitely have selective hearing. You can be telling them about a fight you got into with your best friend or how your day at work was great because of this and that, and they truly only listen to what they care about. A guy who isn’t truly that into you will probably act like he’s paying attention, but will never mention it again in conversation (literally because it was going in through one ear and out the other). Even in the most boring of conversations, a guy who really is into you will engage in conversation, ask you questions, and genuinely listen to what you have to say.
  3. He’s always trying to learn new things about you. Whether you’ve just started dating this guy or you’ve been dating for years, there are always little things to learn about each other, and you’d better believe that the guy who really cares for you will want to learn them all. He’ll want to know about stupid little stories from when you were a kid and every little thing that makes you happy so he can use it in the future.
  4. He totally accepts even your weirdest habits. You have to really like someone to watch them perform all their weirdest habits without running quickly in the opposite direction. When a guy is really crazy for you, he’ll think your little quirks are sweet because they’re what make you, you.
  5. He makes sacrifices for you. Even if it’s something small like going to a concert of your favorite band even though he’s not crazy about it or opting for a restaurant you choose even if he’s not in the mood for Mexican, a guy who makes sacrifices to make you happy is one that clearly has serious feelings for you. He’ll let you choose things that will make you happy just so he can see you smiling.
  6. He’s just as excited about your dreams as you are. When you have a big soccer game, he’s in the front row cheering you on. When you’re hosting an event, he’s the first to ask what he can help with. The guy who’s crazy about you will help you make your dreams come true because he’s just as excited about them as you are. He knows what if you achieve your dreams, you’ll be happy — and like I said before, your happiness is his happiness.
  7. He won’t be afraid to open up to you. It’s a really special and infrequent feeling to trust someone completely, so you know that when your guy does, he plans on being with you long-term. Men aren’t always as in-your-face with their feelings, so you know that if a guy trusts you enough to open up to you about things that are bothering him or how he’s feeling about a certain situation, he’s straight up crazy about you. No doubt.
  8. His friends become your friends. Any guy who just plans on being with a girl for a couple days or weeks then moving onto the next one is definitely not going to be out in public showing her off to all his friends and family. A guy who truly cares about you is not only non-hesitant but actually excited to introduce you to his friends. He’s happy for them to get to know you and you to get to know them. Essentially, he really wants his friends to become yours.
  9. Sometimes he’s nervous around you. You’ll find him lost for words at times. Other times, you’ll see him looking at you and smiling for no reason. It makes sense that a guy who is truly into you will be a bit nervous around you. He wants nothing but to impress you and make you smile too. A guy who doesn’t really care about you probably also doesn’t care about what you think of him, so his little nervous ticks will be pretty much non-existent.
  10. You can just feel it. I’ve always learned to trust my gut in relationships. Sometimes you can just feel it. You just know when someone is true and when they’re not after you spend enough time with them. When you first start to get to know someone, it might be a bit harder to figure out exactly what they’re after, but once you’ve spent time with them, you’ll just know. That’s the feeling that you should always be looking for. Trust your gut, ladies.
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