How Do Guys Feel When You Cut Them Off? Here’s The Truth

When you’re dating a guy or even just “talking to” him, there might come a time when you’re better off going your separate ways. Whether it’s a proper relationship that’s broken down beyond repair or a situationship that isn’t going any further, you know it’s the end. You don’t want to drag things out or go around in circles. So, the best course of action is to stop talking to him altogether. But, how do guys feel when you cut them off? Read on to find out.

How do guys feel when you cut them off?

  1. They’re confused. Some guys are so clueless that they don’t realize things aren’t going well, so they’re bound to feel a bit confused when you cut them off. They’ll wonder what went wrong and why you decided to do it. This is true even if you told them you weren’t feeling it or called them out on unacceptable behavior before. Willful ignorance is a real thing.
  2. Their ego is bruised. Rejection sucks regardless of the circumstances. When someone shuts you down, whether you liked them or not, it can be a serious blow to the ego. This will likely reawaken the guy’s deepest insecurities and make him feel unworthy or undesirable. It sucks, but it’s not your responsibility to assuage those feelings.
  3. They’re pissed off. Not only is being rejected hurtful, but it’s also really obnoxious. Many guys feel pissed off when you cut them off because they like to be in power. They like to feel as if they’re the ones calling the shots. They assume their emotions are the guiding feelings in your dynamic and they hate that you took the decision out of their hands.
  4. They’re amused by it. Some immature guys will simply find being cut off funny. This is especially true if they were never taking your relationship seriously in the first place. The whole thing is one big joke to them and they can’t really absorb the reality of what’s happened because they’re incapable of being in an adult relationship.
  5. They’re paranoid that you’ve found someone else. While you probably ended things with him for an entirely unrelated reason, don’t be surprised if he thinks you cheated/fell for someone else. Hey might even refuse to believe you if you tell him the actual reason. In his head, it’s easier to believe that you’re into someone else more. Let him believe what he needs to believe.
  6. They don’t really care. Some guys, when you cut them off, won’t feel anything at all. This is especially true if they never developed serious feelings for you. They would have kept talking to you/seeing you for a while, but it was never going to go anywhere. So, good riddance, they figure.
  7. They’re hurt. If he really liked you, chances are it’s going to hurt to be kicked out of your life. He might not admit that’s how he feels, but it’s there deep down. It’s always painful to let someone in, only for things not to work out. This is still true even if he was at fault for your split.
  8. They feel desperate to win you over again. In some instances, the guy might see being cut off as a challenge. It could inspire him to want to go even harder to try and win you back. He’ll suddenly become a whole new guy who wants to wine and dine you. He’ll be attentive, romantic, and put in all the effort. Unfortunately, it’s too little, too late.
  9. They’re kind of relieved. Maybe you did this guy a favor by being the one to end things. He might have wanted to but didn’t know how, so you’ve done it for him. Kind of you, don’t you think?

Why cutting him off might be your best option

  1. He’s toxic and/or abusive. If the guy you’re seeing is abusive — physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually — then he has to go. It’s unlikely that he’ll take being kicked to the curb lightly or that he’ll go willingly. While you can try telling him that you’re done with the relationship and that it’s over, that might not be enough. Guys like this will feel like you owe them your time and energy, so you may have to cut them off to get rid of them.
  2. He won’t take no for an answer. You’ve already told him that you’re not interested in him romantically or that you don’t want to take things further. However, he just isn’t listening. He keeps trying to convince you that you’re made for each other. In this case, deleting and blocking him on everything is the only way you can move forward and save your sanity.
  3. He’s dating someone else. If he was talking to or even dating you and then you found out he’s dating someone else, take it as a sign. You don’t want to get involved in someone else’s relationship. You certainly don’t want to get involved with a guy who cheats on his partners. Do yourself a favor and walk away now.
  4. Staying in contact with him is keeping you from moving on. Some guys will fight tooth and nail to not be cut off even if they don’t feel much for you. They like feeling in control and like they’re wanted, so they’ll stick around long past their sell-by date. If things aren’t working out for whatever reason and trying to be “just friends” is messing with your head, don’t hesitate to stop communication altogether.
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