How Guys Text When They’re Into You: Things They Do Differently

Most guys would say they’re so bad at texting because they just hate doing it and don’t have much to say, and that might be true, but it’s still not a great excuse. So much of our communication these days is via text, so sucking at such a vital skill just ain’t it. That being said, you can always tell when guys are crazy about a woman because they suddenly become messaging gurus. Here’s are some ways guys text differently when they’re into you.

They initiate contact much of the time. Most guys, if they’re decent, won’t just leave you hanging if you message them. It may take them a while, but generally speaking, if you do text them, they’ll eventually get back to you. However, when guys are really into you, they don’t just text you back, they’re the ones to text you first a lot of the time. This is because they’re so crazy about you that they just want to chat as often as possible. It’s actually pretty adorable.

They respond in a reasonable amount of time. In addition to initiating contact, guys who are into you will always write you back in a decent amount of time. There won’t be any waiting days to hear from them – it’s generally a few hours at most. They make time to drop you a line even if they’re super busy because they don’t want to leave you hanging or make you think that they’re not feeling it.

They use a lot of emojis. Most guys will admit they’re not all that into emojis, which means that when they’re using them left and right in your texts, it’s pretty clear they like you. Emojis are flirty and lighthearted, and if you’re a big lover of emojis yourself, joining in with you is their way of getting on your level, in a way. Obviously, if most of his emoji usage focuses on the eggplant, this doesn’t apply.

They give more than one-word answers. Guys aren’t generally all that loquacious and will get straight to the point when they respond to your questions. You might get a lot of “K” and “sure” responses from them, but when they’re really into you, they’ll make the effort to string together multiple words, maybe even multiple sentences. This is because they naturally want to talk more and they likely want to keep the conversation going as much as possible.

They text wisely. Guys who are into you will use texting as the tool it’s meant to be. They’ll use it to ask you out on dates, get you excited for the next time you’re together, and get to know you better in between the times you get to hang out. They’re smart and strategic, and that’s pretty great.

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