How To Spot A Male Gold Digger, According To A Guy

In the interest of gender equality, it’s important to note that men are just as capable of being gold diggers as women. The problem is that we haven’t been trained as a society to look out for male gold diggers. Hopefully, that’s about to change. Here are some signs to beware of with the guy you’re dating.

  1. He’s dressed like he’s already rich. Men who love money but don’t have it want to look the part of a rich person. This guy wants women to think that he has money of his own even if he doesn’t. By dressing in expensive clothing, he’s trying to give off the impression that he’s a man of means. He thinks this will attract women who have money because they’ll be able to relate to him. Obviously, there’s a chance he’s rich, but there’s a bigger chance he’s a gold digger in sheep’s clothing.
  2. His car is expensive/fancy. Keep in mind that just because a guy has an expensive car doesn’t mean he can afford one. It could be rented, borrowed, or he could have put himself in debt to buy it. The truth is that maybe he aspires to that lifestyle and wants to meet a woman who can support it. If he paid for it in cash, fine, fair enough, but don’t be fooled by appearances.
  3. Your job piques his interest. Ladies, if a guy starts laying on the charm after you mention that you have a high-paying job, look out. Like their female counterparts, male gold diggers are great at looking for signs that someone is loaded. If he only seems interested after finding out you make a lot of money, he’s probably a gold digger.
  4. He asks about your family right away. Most guys aren’t all that interested in your family, or at least they won’t be early in a relationship. If a guy is quick to ask about your parents, where they live, and what they do, he’s probably fishing to see if you have family money. Early on, a guy should be asking about you, not your family, right?
  5. He asks for your pin number. OK, he’s not going to outright ask for your pin number. Remember, gold diggers are typically clever. If you mention needing to go to the ATM and he jumps at the chance to go for you, something isn’t right. It’s not like he’s in a rush to run your other errands, right? If a guy is over eager to learn your pin or sneak a peek at your bank account, he’s a possible gold digger for sure.
  6. He encourages lavish spending. Gold diggers always want to spend someone else’s money on expensive things. Even if you’re buying something for yourself, he shouldn’t be pushing you to make an expensive purchase. A gold digger will want you to buy high-end stuff. He wants to live that kind of lifestyle and wants you to think you can have that lifestyle with him… even if it’s your money that’s paying for it.
  7. He finds ways to skip out on the bill. Early on, all guys will try to pick up the check for dinner and drinks but a gold digger will start finding ways to weasel out of the check. Sometimes he’ll forget his wallet. Sometimes he’ll use the bathroom when he sees the waitress coming with the check. Remember that gold diggers are clever and will always try to find ways to get you to foot the bill for things.
  8. His charm goes away. Sadly, gold diggers are usually cool, suave, and great at talking to women. He will always come off as charming in the beginning, but once he senses that your invested and the relationship starts to get serious, the charm goes away and he’ll focus on spending money—specifically your money. He knows that once you’re settled into the relationship, it’s harder to walk away. This gives him plenty of time to go gold digging. If you suspect this is the case, just trust your instincts if something seems amiss.
  9. He’s OK with not working. Most guys are career-focused. If they’re unemployed, odds are they’re going crazy and trying to get back out there. They’ll be upset and frustrated if they stay out of the workforce too long. On the contrary, a gold digger won’t be in a rush to find a job. If he’s content to just coast along while you support him, he’s probably a gold digger.
  10. He wants you to buy things “for us.” This is one of the oldest gold digger tricks in the book. Yes, as a couple, you will both use a new car or TV, but if he pushes you to buy something that he’ll enjoy more than you, something is up. A gold digger will always push you to buy something just because you can afford it. If he uses language like “for us” to convince you to buy something, he’s with you for your money.
Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.