How To Make A Guy Happier Than Any Other Woman Ever Has

You’ve landed your dream guy and you want to prove to him that you’re worthy by being the best partner you can be. Of course, much of this behavior should come from who you are as a person. Trying to act like someone you’re not may end up leading to more stress than you can imagine. Still, there are ways to channel your natural personality into being the greatest girlfriend he’s ever had. Here’s how to make him happier than any other woman ever has.

Appreciate him for who he is.

And not necessarily who he can become. It’s great to date a guy with a bright future ahead of him. But by pushing him into a career or lifestyle he’s not interested in, he’ll start to resent you. You should never date a project, nor should you think you can change someone. People need to want change in order for that to happen.

Accept his methods of de-stressing.

I’m not saying that he should be up drinking until 11:30 every night to help him chill out, but video games sessions with his friends are a normal way for him to relax after a hard week. Or, maybe he likes to take a hike outside on the weekends to clear his mind. Maybe he chooses church. Whatever it is, it’s something that makes him happy. By giving him his time to unwind without any complaint, you’ll earn that title of best girlfriend ever.

Try to grow with him.

One of the main reasons why couples split is that they grow apart. While you should never try to dictate your own life around a guy, you need to figure out ways the two of you can grow together. Say he got relocated to a different city for work. Going to support him is wonderful, but finding your own method of self-growth while living in a new city is even better. Maybe it’ll inspire you to take art classes. Or, maybe you can get a kick out of holding dinner parties for his new colleagues. You don’t need to overlap his schedule, but you can grow alongside him.

Don’t compete with his mom.

Some moms are hard to deal with, but even if he loves you more than anything, he’ll likely always have a place in his heart for the woman who gave birth to him. When the two of you get married, he needs to work with you as a team. In the meantime, try not to get jealous over his mom chats. As the relationship grows, more boundaries will naturally develop, but you shouldn’t be at war with her from the start. Try hard to make a great impression. You both have something in common — and, that’s the love you have for your boyfriend.

Understand the importance of physical touch.

It’s not just sex — it’s also a quick shoulder massage or a foot rub after a long day. Physical touch will make your partner feel wanted. And sometimes, even being close is the perfect way to relieve stress. Even holding hands while out is a romantic gesture that he’ll appreciate. In doing so, you’re non-verbally announcing to the world that you’re happily taken.

Don’t bring up past relationships.
If you keep asking him about numbers and dig too much into his past, he might think you’re insecure. Be the woman who doesn’t need to know how she ranks next to women of the past. A great girlfriend understands that everyone has a past, but wants to live in the present. Unless a girlfriend caused significant damage in any way, it shouldn’t be a top priority conversation.

Find a good way to communicate with him.

There’s a reason that women unfairly get called “nags” sometimes. It’s because there’s a break somewhere in communication. If you ask your boyfriend how they process information best, it’s a good way to avoid petty arguments about small issues. Putting time into communication will strengthen your relationship and make you easy to talk to. Remember, the best relationships are often built around friendship. When you can communicate like a friend, things will fall into place much easier.

Don’t give up on yourself.

This isn’t to say “don’t gain weight” or “don’t be comfortable.” This year especially has been extremely challenging, and it makes sense for certain rituals to have gone out the window. This is more of a “don’t give up on yourself after finding love” thing. You deserve to put time into yourself and get your hair cut and colored to help boost your self-esteem. If you had career goals, don’t ditch them since your boyfriend is well-off. You are more than your relationship. Regain your independence while happily coupled.

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