If He Doesn’t Respect You, Respect Yourself Enough To Walk Away

Without respect, relationships become one-sided, and are pretty much doomed to fail. Instead of wasting time with a guy who doesn’t give you that basic courtesy, you should be searching for someone who truly admires your many wonderful qualities. Without respect, you’ve got to walk right out of that relationship and never look back. Here’s why:

If he doesn’t respect you, he doesn’t value you.

You deserve to be valued in every relationship you maintain. Feeling like he really treasures you starts early on — it’s likely what attracted you to this guy in the first place. There’s something he did differently, or something that made him stand out from everyone else in the pack. If you find yourself feeling bad about yourself because he fails to acknowledge your accomplishments and fascinating differences, you’ll start to resent him while simultaneously ruining your self esteem.

A lack of respect means he’ll put himself before anyone else, especially you.

In his eyes, he’s the sun and everything revolves around him. All of his decisions will factor his own happiness first. If he forces you to keep going out to that bar that you’ve said you hate time and time again, he simply doesn’t respect you, nor does he care about your feelings. And yes, your feelings should always, always matter.

Not respecting you shows lack of character.

You might notice the lack of respect, but you still might be blind towards the 900 other things wrong with this guy. Respecting others is a lesson he should have learned back in kindergarten. If he still fails to grasp that concept, there are probably many other signs that this guy isn’t meant to be in a relationship, nor does he know how a good one functions.

With a disrespectful guy, you’ll never be right.

Doesn’t it feel amazing being wrong all the time? It seems like no matter what you say, you’re shoved aside. He always has to talk louder and he never leaves the room without having the last word. Show yourself some respect and quit dating someone who thinks you’re dumb, or someone who just doesn’t know how to shut up and listen during an argument.

Lack of respect in a relationship probably means lack of respect professionally, as well.

There’s a good chance that you’re not the only person being treated like garbage. It’s possible this guy treats his colleagues the same way. If he refuses to listen to your hopes and dreams at home, it’d be awful to see how he handles his female coworkers who might have better ideas than him on how to keep the business afloat.

You can’t trust someone you don’t respect, and trust is equally important in a relationship.

Can you imagine having a relationship with someone you can’t trust? You wouldn’t be able to tell him any of your secrets and probably have to keep your valuables on lockdown — simply put, it’s a lot more effort than it’s worth. Respect is exactly the same. If you don’t respect someone, you’re not going to want to share with them, or get to know them deep down. If you appreciate him, but he doesn’t appreciate you, your relationship is off to a terrible start.

Respect affects communication — without respect, he won’t give a crap about how his words make you feel.

Sometimes when we’re feeling angry, our words get heated. I mean, think about how many times as a kid, you told your Mom “I hate you!” just because you knew it’d sting. But hey, you grew out of it. You realized words can be hurtful, and improved your communication to make sure you didn’t keep making those types of mistakes. This guy doesn’t respect you, so he doesn’t even care that his negative tantrums are hitting you hard. Sound familiar? Stop believing anything he’s shouting at you, and walk.

Respect helps build the relationship — if he doesn’t show respect, he doesn’t want things to grow.

When you respect someone, you want to spend time with them and learn from them. So when you’re dating a dirtbag who doesn’t value you, he obviously doesn’t give a crap about either of those things. He’s not putting the time into the relationship to have it flourish. The relationship has no future. You’ve got to accept it, respect yourself, and move on.

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