IKEA Is Now Selling A Vegan Version Of Their Iconic Swedish Meatballs

IKEA Is Now Selling A Vegan Version Of Their Iconic Swedish Meatballs IKEA

Like many people, I never go to IKEA without stopping off to the cafe for some Swedish meatballs. Sometimes I even buy a bag of frozen ones to bring home with me because they’re just so good. However, I’m trying to eat fewer animal products in my day-to-day life, and while I’m not 100% vegan or even vegetarian, I appreciate meat-free options when they’re available. That’s why IKEA’s new vegan Swedish meatballs are such a welcome addition!

  1. That’s right, meat-free meatballs! In fact, IKEA’s new meat-free Swedish meatballs aren’t just meat-free, they’re completely vegan and contain no animal products or byproducts at all. They’re made with yellow pea protein, oats, potatoes, onion, and apple.
  2. They’re not far off from the original. While you might think there’s no way a Swedish meatball without the meat could be, IKEA promises their vegan version will retain “the same delicious taste and texture” as the originals. How they’ll work that magic is beyond me but I’m so into it.
  3. They’re so much better for the environment. Even if you’re not a vegan, it could be worth it to switch to the meat-free version of IKEA’s Swedish meatballs given that they have only 4% of the climate footprint of the original. This plays into the company’s goal of becoming climate positive by the year 2030.
  4. They’re not available just yet. You’ll be able to pick up the vegan Swedish meatballs in frozen form in 500g bags from August 3, while IKEA Bistros will have portions of 8 available if you just can’t wait. However, they won’t appear in the restaurant until October 26, so there’s a little longer to wait there.
  5. This was a long time coming! Hege Sæbjørnsen, Country Sustainability Manager, IKEA UK and Ireland, says: “With the new plant ball we can now offer meat lovers a great tasting, more sustainable alternative – without compromising on the IKEA meatball experience that is loved by so many.”
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