I’m Not A Dime A Dozen, I’m Once In A Lifetime

I don’t mean to sound full of myself, but women like me don’t come standard and they certainly don’t come around often. It truly sucks when some guys treat me like I’m generic or stereotype me when they don’t know anything about me. If they took the time to get to know me, there’s so much more to know — I just wish someone would actually dig deeper and take that chance. I’m not a dime a dozen, I’m once in a lifetime.

  1. I actually care about my partner as a person, not because of what he can give me. I’m looking for love from a place of strength. I have my act together in life and I’m not looking for any handouts. When I finally find the guy who gives me a real chance, I’ll be with him solely for the person he is. It’s not about material worth or how well he can spoil me — it’ll be for the way that he loves me, and the way I love him right back.
  2. I make real efforts to treat the guy in my life right. I’m truly thoughtful when I date any guy so for the guy I finally grow to love, he’s going to feel like a king. I believe that relationships are a two-way street and if he treats me well, I’ll treat him better. To me, there’s no other way to love.
  3. I communicate like a grown up if I’m upset about anything. I’m not that girl who just shrugs her shoulders and mutters “it’s nothing” under my breath when I’m upset about something. I don’t yell. I don’t call my guy names. I don’t get jealous about trivial things. Instead, I address things like an adult because I care more about my relationship than I do about my ego.
  4. My loyalty is fierce AF. I actually understand the concept of loyalty when it comes to dating and love. No, there won’t be several other guys blowing up my phone if I have a guy I genuinely like in the picture and that’s how it should be. Modern dating culture might be a scapegoat for other people to excuse the fact they can’t focus on just one person at a time, but I know better. I know that if I’ve found someone I’m into, I want to see that through and give it a fair shot. Clouding my head with other options only contributes to the problem with dating today.
  5. I’m looking for my equal, not my crutch. Some guys complain that some women are only after what they can offer them, but I’m not looking for someone to take care of me or rescue me from a tower stacked with bills and things I can’t afford by myself. When I finally find that guy, he’s going to be my best friend and partner in life. Yes, women like me exist and no, we’re not all after your money.
  6. I have a strong head on my shoulders. I’m strong AF mentally and I assert myself in a way that means I don’t need my guy to fight my battles for me. Not only can I handle my own crap and make good decisions on my own, but I’ll always go to bat for the guy that I love the same way. In other words, I don’t crumble when push comes to shove. I stand and I deal.
  7. I always support my partners even in the worst times. If my partner hits a rough patch or we end up struggling financially, I’ll always stand with him to pull ourselves through. A lot of guys are scared to fail because they feel that the women in their life will leave when he is down and out, but to me, that’s not what love’s all about. Relationships are trying at times and things are going to happen that will test the love between two people. For me, the struggle isn’t a dealbreaker — it’s a chance to get stronger together.
  8. I understand that compromise in love is essential — I’m not a brat. I know that even if I’m living my life solo right now and making decisions solely for myself, one day when the right guy shows up, it’s not going to be about just me anymore; it’ll be about us. It seems like so many people aren’t willing to swallow their own sense of pride and routine in favor of building someone bigger together and with someone else, but there has to be balance. I want my partner to be happy just the same way that I am and it means we’re going to need to compromise on certain things to maintain that harmony. I’m not going to up and walk away or throw a fit if I don’t get my way.
  9. I’m not just a girl — I’m a grown woman. I’m not the kind of woman you play with and toss to the curb. I’m not a fling, a short term distraction or someone who isn’t worthy of more. I know I’m worth everything and I’m ready for the guy who finally see’s me that way. I’m not ordinary and I’m certainly not common — I’m once in a lifetime.