I’m Worth So Much More Than Guys Have Offered Me So Far

I used to get really down when things wouldn’t work out with a guy in my life, but I’ve learned that it’s not always about me. Each relationship or potential relationship I’ve experienced has given me the opportunity to improve upon myself for the next chance I get at love. It’s not that every guy is an a-hole or that I’m simply too imperfect to find my perfect match. I’m single because I’m worthy of a grander type of love than guys have offered me so far. It really is that simple.

  1. It just hasn’t been the right match, and that’s okay. The guys that have come in and out of my life have been a mix of both positive and negative experiences, but with each guy, I learned a little bit more about what I want and don’t want in a partner. If any one of those guys was what I truly wanted and needed in my life, we would be together now. Things haven’t worked out so far because they simply weren’t meant to. My guy is still out there.
  2. Every experience keeps getting better. I have to say that even if nothing has worked out so far, I’ve noticed that my dating life keeps getting better and better with every guy I meet. The breakups become less of a disaster, the mind games have decreased — all in all, I’m making better choices and I’m really zoned in on the guy I’m truly ready for. He’s getting that much closer, I can tell.
  3. I know there’s something bigger in store for me. I can truly feel it in my heart that what I’m holding out for and what lies ahead for me is a truly amazing love story, and nothing I’ve experienced so far will hold a candle to what’s waiting down the road. It might seem like my dating life has been a complete mess and that I’m some sort of sad and pathetic single girl, but what’s so pathetic about leaving my heart open for someone who truly deserves it and is going to make me completely happy? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with me — my time just hasn’t come yet.
  4. As cliche as it is, everything happens for a reason. As many times as this phrase has been thrown at me over the years, I can’t help but feel like it’s painfully true. Sure, I get my heart broken from time to time and it hurts to recover but when I truly look back at all those times a guy got me down, I realize he was only directing me towards something better.
  5. I believe I’m worth more. Some of the guys I’ve gotten to know have been pretty great, but there’s that extra something that was missing and that lack of craziness about each other that creates the magic of real love. I know I’m going to be worth more to the right guy and that when it’s right, I’m not going to question his feelings or wonder which way the relationship in front of me is going to fall apart. Instead, things will be falling into place wonderfully.
  6. I’ve grown in the process. I’ve learned a lot about who I am and have become an even better person for having been hurt and disappointed so many times. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that I wouldn’t be the strong and capable woman I am today with the struggles of my dating life.
  7. I’m confident in what I have to offer the right guy. The reason I know that I’m worth more than what I’ve found so far is because no matter how good the guys in my past may have been, they just weren’t completely on my level when it comes to what I’m emotionally capable of. I’m a strong person and a hard lover — I fall deeply for the guys I can truly trust. The level of love I have to give is something I take pride in and I’m happier waiting to share that with someone who’s looking for the same.
  8. I deserve to be appreciated in love. I want a guy who knows what he has in me and doesn’t make jerk moves or play ridiculous dating games to make himself feel more like a man — screw that. I’m worth more than some beginning story where the “love of my life” didn’t text me for a week after I cooked him his first hot meal — that’s not a love story. I deserve better than what I’ve experienced so far.
  9. I’m strong enough to let it all fall into place. If all else fails, I know that I’m strong enough to stand tall and alone in the meantime. Single life no longer fazes me. I’m not pitying myself anymore because love hasn’t found me, I’m relishing in the fact that something better is coming.
  10. I’m not in a hurry because what I’m waiting for is going to be amazing. There’s no need to rush when I know I’m a catch. The crap I’ve been through that’s led me to where I am now is proof that things are only getting better and are going to continue to go that way. I’m positive about my future. I know it’s going to be worth it.