2023 Dating Trends: Experts Predict What Singletons Can Expect

As a new year dawns, many people will be wondering what’s in store for their lives. If you’re single, chances are you really want to know what to expect in your love life. Will things get better this year for those hoping to find their person or are we in for some terrible surprises? We spoke to dating experts to find out what dating trends will be big in 2023 and which ones will die out. Here’s what they had to say.

What dating trends are likely to be common in 2023?

  1. Singles will want stronger connections even in the short-term. As author, life coach, and registered psychotherapist Ellie Borden, BA, RP, BCC, tells Bolde, it’s all about spending time with people you actually vibe with, even if you’re only looking for a casual relationship. “In the new year, daters will look for better connections and healthier relationships. Even within the world of hookup culture, those in the dating scene will be looking for people that match them and their energy and strive for better connections, even if they are short-lived,” she explains.
  2. Sober dating will be preferred by many singles. While it used to be that drinking on (and even before) a date was a foregone conclusion, many single people are choosing to go it sober. Not only does avoiding alcohol keep you from possibly making a fool of yourself, it also assures your judgment is intact so you can judge whether or not you share real chemistry.
  3. Wanderlove will pick up steam. This dating trend picked up steam in 2022 and will continue into 2023 and beyond. It involves looking outside your immediate area for possible romantic connections. It’s especially popular with singles who love to travel. After all, what’s more romantic than finding love abroad?
  4. Everyone needs more of a work-life balance. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people began to realize that there was more to life than work. Our families and loved ones matter too, as do our hobbies and passions. Because of this, many single people will be turned off by those whose ambitions outweigh their ability to take a deep breath and enjoy themselves.
  5. Eco-dumping will become much more popular. “Conflicting opinions on environmental topics can be just as big of a deal-breaker as someone with poor communication skills,” says Kate MacLean, dating expert at Plenty of Fish. “In fact, nearly one in five singles know someone who has dumped someone because their views on climate change and the environment didn’t align.” Given that we’re experiencing a climate emergency, this is one dating trend sure to be popular in 2023 and beyond.
  6. Open casting will become a popular approach to love. And this is a good thing! Open casting means giving people outside of your typical “type” a chance. Being more open-minded is always a good thing. And hey, it may just lead to a stronger connection!
  7. Infla-dating will take over. This trend is all about going on less expensive dates to save money. Given that the cost of living is rising by the day but our wages aren’t, it’s no wonder single people are trying to save cash. “Rising prices are affecting all aspects of our lives — including dating. Nearly half (48%) of single millennials & Gen-Z have suggested going on a less expensive, budget-friendly date,” MacLean reveals.

How will the dating scene be different in the new year?

The COVID-19 pandemic may seem like it’s a thing of the past, but the truth is that the world still hasn’t recovered from the trauma it caused and the way it changed our everyday lives. The habits we developed during this period and the things we experienced have changed many people’s approach to finding love. Not only that, but it has put things in perspective and made them realize what matters most. Because of that, the dating trends that will take over 2023 will reflect this change in values.

“There are expected to be many changing behaviors and ideas surrounding dating and what is being prioritized. Conversations and expectations around finances, sex, work, gender roles, stereotypes, and emotions will change and emerge,” explains Borden. “Previous years seemed to be ones of fear, reflection, and coping with hard times. This year the dating scene will reflect exploration, acceptance, and change. Most people are beginning to see this upcoming year as a truly post-pandemic time, which will influence more openness and striving for an inclusive, healthy, and unique dating scene. The willingness to get out there and meet new people from around the world will also become more popular, and people will get used to a post-pandemic reality.”

What dating trends from previous years will die out?

  1. Situationships may be a thing of the past. Because so many people have shifted their priorities in life and love, situationships won’t fly in 2023. People are no longer happy to accept vague, directionless non-relationships. Instead, they want clarity and certainty. Expect to see more singles eager to define the relationship earlier to avoid wasting time. This can only be a good thing, right?
  2. There will be less focus on material things. Sure, there will always be relationships based strictly around money, but one of the big 2023 dating trends will be a move away from this. It’s less about how much someone earns and what they have and more about how they love. Are they attentive and communicative? Do you love being around them? Are the things you value in life aligned? If the answer is yes, that’s much more important than their bank balance.
  3. Hookups are heading out. Sadly, they’re unlikely to ever go extinct for good. However, hookups are becoming less popular as people search for more meaningful connections outside of the bedroom. Meaningless sex has become less fulfilling and desirable for many people. Instead, they want to spend time with people they’re actually interested in and get along with. Players and commitmentphobes still exist, of course. It’s just becoming less popular. It would be so nice if this behavior disappeared altogether. Singletons can dream!
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