Is He Turned On? A Guy Reveals Signs He’s Ready To Rip Your Clothes Off

Contrary to popular belief, men are not turned on and ready to have sex 24/7. It’s close, but not quite all of the time. Of course, if you’re spending time with a guy, it probably helps to know whether or not he’s in the mood to get down when you’re pretty sure he’s looking at you like he wants to jump you. Many times, it can be obvious. For all those other times, here are some signs he’s turned on and ready to go.

He stays close to you.

If a guy is super into you, he’ll want to be around you constantly. However, if he’s feeling you and wants something to happen, he will always stay close to you, almost as if he’s hovering. He’ll want to stay nearby so he can touch you and smell you and just bask in your presence. If you can measure his proximity to you in inches rather than feet, there’s a good chance he’s turned on by you.


This might seem a little weird, but guys can be a big bundle of energy when they get turned on. He might also be nervous because he wants to make a move, so his nervous energy has to manifest in some way. He might be fidgeting or moving his hands around a lot. This is no accident because it means he has other ideas for what he wants to do with his hands.

Serious flirting.

Surely, we all know the difference between light, playful flirting and flirting that’s more serious and intense. When a guy is turned on by you, there are no limits to how hard he’ll flirt. He’ll speak in innuendos and won’t be able to stop himself from mentioning sex. It’s not always that he’s trying too hard, he’s just turned on and can’t help himself.

He stares at you.

This should be a rather obvious sign but can’t be overlooked. If he’s seriously attracted to you and turned on by your mere presence, he won’t be able to stop looking at you and smiling. The only variable is where he looks. It could be into your eyes. It could be at your lips, but it could also be at a less innocent part of your body.

You touch him and he touches you back.

Touching is always a tell-tale sign of how a guy feels. If he’s turned on and you show him a little affection, he’ll return that attention tenfold. If you just pat him on the shoulder, he’ll respond by touching your arm or any other part of you that he can reach. This is a sign that he’s dying to touch you and so much more.

His eyes get big.

There is a little bit of science to suggest that a guy’s pupils will dilate when he’s romantically interested in someone. In other words, he just looks at you and his eyes get big. Try looking into his eyes and seeing if they dilate when he looks back at you. This is a good indication that he’s totally focused on you and is getting excited just by looking at you.

He can’t speak clearly.

Believe it or not, guys can turn into blabbering idiots when they’re thinking about sex. They get so consumed by thinking about sex that they don’t know what they’re saying. Their intentions might be good but the words come out all wrong. If you’re turning on a guy, it’s possible that he’ll start babbling incoherently. In his defense, it’s because not enough blood is flowing to his brain.

His voice gets deeper.

There is also a little science behind this phenomenon. Granted, some guys will intentionally make their voice deeper to sound more appealing and sexy, but it’s usually not a conscious change. It’s actually the muscles around the vocal cords tightening up. This can sometimes happen when a guy is turned on. It’s an unintentional way of showing you that he’s attracted to you and interested in something happening.

He bites his lip.

Women aren’t the only ones who do this when they’re interested in somebody. A guy who’s turned on by you will have an urge to do something with his mouth, as I’m sure you can imagine. If he can’t kiss you the way he wants to, he might bite or chew on his lips in the meantime.

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